E58 – Themurder Most Foul

27 03 2014

Click here to download this episode!

Episode 58

– Introductions, Brain arrives late!

– News

– Playthrough review and discussion on the Fords of Isen

– Card theme – did they fail or succeed representing them mechanically?

Brandon has taken over Twitter!!

– Sign off



3 responses

28 03 2014

“Good freaking god, it ate the dead eagle!” :D Awesome episode! :)

4 04 2014
David Michelle Homchuck

This was one of the most enjoyable episodes you guys have done to date. My daughter and I listened to it while painting her room and laughed till we had tears in our eyes. Keep up the great work men. If we ever get to a Con you are attending we will look you all up.

9 04 2014

Great episode. To continue off of you new much more powerful and costly “Ride to Ruin”, the 12 cost (4 per hero) could be reduced by cost of a Rohan allies that are discarded.

Or x damage to enemies in play where x is summation of each discarded Rohan ally times 2 (or 3 if there is resource cost to the card as well)

Or even do x damage where x is some number related to the attack on all discarded Rohan allies.

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