Episode 80 – The Horse Wifferer

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– Introductions

– News

– Our thoughts on surge and some gaming philosophy

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Episode 79 – Dat Horse Chair

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– Introductions

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– News

– The CotR Special Community Round up!

Cardboard of the Rings (cardboardoftherings.com)
  • News, card reviews, general good timery
  • is the awesome
   The Grey Company (greycompanypodcast.com)
  • in depth strategic discussions
  • lately reviews, etc.
   WWPD Fellowship podcast (outpostzero.net)
  • new player focus
  • possibly on hiatus


Tales from the Cards (talesfromthecards.wordpress.com)
  • indepth card analysis,
  • deck spotlights,
  • session reports,
  • new player buyer’s guide,
  • 1st Age fan expansions

Hall of Beorn (hallofbeorn.wordpress.com)

  • strategy articles,
  • deck spotlights,
  • Beorn’s Path new player guide,
  • Community Links

Master of Lore (masteroflore.wordpress.com)

  • Articles of lore tie-ins
  • Thematic Playthroughs

WWPD Outpost Zero (outpostzero.net)

  • Strategy Articles
  • Deck spotlights

Second Hand Took (secondhandtook.wordpress.com)

  • Hero Spotlights
  • Artist Interviews
  • Deck Spotlights
  • “Filling up the Corners” – spots on other games

Dor Cuarthol (dorcuarthol.wordpress.com)

  • Solo focused
  • Decklists
  • Strategy Articles
  • Play sessions
To the Eyrie (maybe dead, been 5ish months)
  • Play sessions
  • Deck lists

The Mirkwood Runner (http://mirkwoodrunner.blogspot.com)

  • News impressions
  • Sidetrack – spots on other games

Warden of Arnor (wardenofarnor.wordpress.com)

  • “The Line Unbroken” – Retrospective on the early game, progressing to present
  • News
  • Strategy articles
Susurros del Bosque Viejo (Espanol) (Whispers of the Old Forest) (susurrosdelbosqueviejo.blogspot.com/)
  • Spanish language blog
  • Is quite readable with Google Translate
  • Recently got a spoiler from the FFG licensee 9 (wut)
Die Männer von Gondor (Deutsch) (The Men of Gondor) (menofgondor.wordpress.com)
  • German blog
  • Again, Google translate is your friend


CotR Youtube (youtube.com/cotrpodcast)
  • Casual (see: fun or entertaining) playthroughs, recorded twitch games

CotR twitch (twitch.tv/cotrpodcast)

  • Live playthroughs, general awesomeness

Progression series/tenth nazgul (dead)

  • Concise playthroughs using limited cardpool for applicable quests

Grey Company Twitch (twitch.tv/thegreycompany)

  • Themey playthroughs, general plays

Glaurung Plays (youtube.com/olegyd)

  • Hardcore cardboard playthroughs
  • Makes no mistakes, ever


  Octgn, LotR Plug in (octgn.net-download, octgngames.com/lotrlcg)
  • Managed by our homeboi GeckoTH, is awesome
  • Disclaimer: ONLY USE IF YOU OWN! Pirates ruin it for everyone

Hall of Beorn card search (hallofbeorn.com/cards)

  • Run by the community’s favorite Ursine blogger
  • Comprehensive
  • Great filtering options
  • Includes card category (resource, card draw, etc.)
   CardgameDB (cardgamedb.com)
  • Card spoilers
  • Deck builder
  • Forums

BoardGameGeek  (boardgamegeek.com)

  • Forums
  • Images
  • Links/mods/user content
  • Video links

FFG (fantasyflightgames.com)

  • Forums
  • Quest log
  • Rules sheets, FAQs
  • Upcoming
   LotR Quest Companion (lotr-lcg-quest-companion.com)
  • Compiled rules and FAQ entries relevant to each quest
  • Random quest generator
  • Community difficulty ratings
  • Rules reference
  • Find games
  • Talk shop
   LotR subbreddit (reddit.com/r/lotrlcg/)
  • Self explanatory, moderators are doing a great job with it

— Treason of Saruman player card reviews!

— Hobbit 3 movie review!

– Sign off

Episode 78 – More Like a Giant

Episode 78

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– Introductions

– News

– The Lost Realm player card review!

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Episode 77 – Morgul Hoover

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Episode 77

– Introductions

– After a minor delay IT IS THE NATE FRENCH INTERVIEW!!! Enjoy!

– Sign off

E76 – Goblins Gone Wild

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Episode 76

– Introductions

– An ultra-in-depth discussion of the recent news and spoilers.

– Discussion: Individual quest breakdown methodology.

– Join us for our St. Patrick’s Day stream!!

– Sign off

E75 – Theoden Butter

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Episode 75

– Introductions

– Catching up on the new news news!!

– Hobbit Movie Discussion: DELAYED

– The CotR deckbox! https://cardboardoftherings.com/decks/

– Valentine’s Day Twitch Preview twitch.tv/cotrpodcast

– Current decks

– Sign off

E74 – Morgul Dolphin

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Episode 74

– Introductions

– We interview CALEB!!!!!

– Sign off

E73 – My Neighbor Randalf My Neighbor Randalf

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Episode 73

– Introductions – Happy New Year!!

– Looking back at some holiday gaming and Twitch.tv

– Discussion – What lies ahead….

– Join us on Episode 74 with special guest lead designer Caleb Grace!!

– Sign off

E72 – Higher

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Episode 72

– Introductions

– Player Card Review – Antlered Crown

– Discussion – Farewell 2014! Best of the year “awards”!

– See you in 2015 everyone!!!

– Sign off

E71 – Bike Spokes

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Episode 71

– Introductions – Welcome Ted!

– Ring Bearer Contest

– Discussion – Is there such a thing as a bad card?

– Sign off