LEGO ICONS Cardboard of the Rings

Explore the world of the Podcast about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game WHICH is a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games

Rivendell, Helm’s Deep, the Black Gate: Each of these iconic The Lord of the Rings locales have been immortalized in extraordinary LEGO sets. Now, arriving precisely when they mean to, CotR is excited to announce the much-anticipated LEGO ICONS Cardboard of the Rings series:

Chad’s Basement

A key location in the events of the show, Chad’s Basement is home to a multitude of listener-favorite moments. This 1,200-piece set includes a gaming table, windowless cinder block walls, noisy pipes, and a hidden trapdoor in the ceiling to drop a cat through. 

Use the fan-favorite exclusive flannel-wearing Chad minifig and create a live-action LOTR LCG video. Be sure to make a mistake or two!

Inadequate 8

Made infamous at GenCon 2018, the Inadequate 8 set will thwart your lowest expectations. This 799-piece set boasts the first-ever Moist LEGO bricks.

Immerse yourself in the budget-friendly lodgings as you use the 7×7 to recreate Chris’ 2:00am burger expulsion OR Cushy and Wasteful Chad’s napkin-free misadventures.

Assemble swag on the Flimsy Table then quaff the neck of a beer and fall asleep in the Concerningly Small Double Beds while podcasting with your friends.

BONUS: LEGO VIP’s will receive an exclusive bag of filth to sprinkle over the set! 

Secret Fig-Ship Chat

The Flophouse

The crown jewel of the LEGO ICONS Cardboard of the Rings series, this sprawling mega-structure contains a whopping 34,000 pieces, 24 minifigs, and 2 beds to truly capture the life of a Vice President of Podcast Editing. Find the hidden refrigerators scattered throughout, filled with delicious food that nobody knows about. Marvel at the extensive collection of 1990’s professional wrestling VHS tapes, but beware of the treacherous Morgul Airbed.

The LEGO VIP-exclusive Hot Tub Installation set includes a Beefcake Aaron minifig. Let your imagination run wild as you pretend to be the installers working around 20 nerds with all their gaming gear!

A Long-Expected Part-y

Pre-orders of the complete LEGO ICONS Cardboard of the Rings series will receive a limited edition 5-piece Matt’s Mats mat (a $78 value). Featuring no artwork and an iconic orange border, the table has never looked more well-defined.

The Quest Awaits

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Cardboard of the Rings podcast, a collector of LEGO sets, or a fan of Tolkien’s work, these sets are the perfect addition to your collection. Each set is a masterpiece of LEGO design that you can proudly display alongside your spheres and cones in any room of your house.

So don’t wait – get your hands on the LEGO ICONS Cardboard of the Rings sets today and bring the world of the podcast to life like never before!

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