Previewing Lord of: The Gatherings!

Following the exciting announcement of a special Lord of the Rings set from the little-known, scrappy upstart, Wizards of the Coast, we here at Cardboard of the Rings reached out through our extensive network of insiders to get the scoop. What we found was a rich vein of merchandising mithril that will make even the most Entish of Tolkien purists feel a little hasty under their branches.

Drawing inspiration directly from the pages of Tolkien’s work, these cards seamlessly blend theme and mechanics into a transcendent gameplay experience. We are excited to see that fan-favorite, Grima, makes a triumphant tabletop return in this Modern set.

The world of the Lord of the Rings wouldn’t be complete without a wide range of magical items and spells being used by the players at every opportunity. We can’t wait to wield the famous Ring with impunity, call down the Lightning Bolt of Arnor to smite the wings off the Balrog, and unwrap more boosters to search for the ultra-rare Black Lembas.

But Wizards wasn’t done yet. We can exclusively announce their forthcoming Pokemon of the Rings set! This intra-studio synergy will introduce millions of kids to the fun and colorful world of Lord of the Rings. Here you can see the exciting transformation of a Fell Beast growing up into a Super Mega Fell Beast.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that the cards have blank text boxes and stats. That is where the fun REALLY begins as the players live their dream job of a card game designer! Kids will love the chance to scribble on these cards with their own creative, un-playtested, horribly unbalanced, and overpowered game text. And their friends will love ruthlessly stuffing the cards into bike spokes as they are publicly shamed for their poor design choices and athematic gameplay!

Along with this exciting development, refrigerator art supply maker CRAYOLA revealed their first gaming accessory: Why fill in the text box with a boring old pencil or pen when you can use the exciting WIZARD CRAYONS!

Each crayon in the Wizard set was designed based on a specific Istari. Unleash the magic of creativity while channeling the power of a wizard!

And finally, using the full institutional heft of the Cardboard of the Rings media empire, we secured one last preview in this industry-spanning MapatelpĂ« (Money-grab). Noted sportsball collectible titan TOPPS is blending the best of the Shire with the best of 90’s sports nostalgia in their exclusive Hobbit series:

We were overwhelmed by the content synergies in each of these lines. Fans of the Lord of the Rings can look forward to these and many more IP integrations as we sail into a Fourth Age of merchandising!