The Souring of The Shire


“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

The Community called for it, and Fantasy Farce Games answered. 

Turmoil befalls The Shire! A warehouse full of pipeweed burned down and food is being intentionally spoiled. Most troubling, beer sours by the hour! Unacceptable indeed!  The Sheriffs and Bounders of the Shire have enlisted the help of the Heroes to discover the culprit behind the Souring of the Shire. 

Crisis in The Shire

Hobbits and other heroes enjoy a few well-earned comforts, chiefly among them fine brewed ale. The mysterious treachery at work provides quite the conundrum as soon The Shire will celebrate the Grand Opening of Fatty Bolger’s new Crossfit gym, The Hobbit Swole. 


Will your brave (and unfortunately sober) heroes be able to help?

Muster your Party Squad

To tackle this Print on Demand quest you will need the heroes and allies who like to rock the party, and most desperately need to stop the souring of the Shire’s beer supply. Heroes like Karaoke Fan Nori, Sports-Bro Dori, 40s Smashin’ Smeagol, and 1st Age Beer Pong Champion Galadriel could be joined by Orc Draught Chuggin’ Boromir who searches for his favorite drink, “And Urgent Beverage.” Meanwhile, the Envoy of Pelager stands ready to tap another keg and refresh the squad.


Suspects Abound

Your heroes will embark on an epic “Whodunnit” style quest throughout The Shire to uncover who perpetrated these dastardly deeds. The most likely suspects stand to lose the most customers when the Hobbit Swole opens. Is it the “Possibly Sauron Backed” Ice-Cream salesman? Or the owner of the greasy Turkey Roost restaurant; Johnny Gobble-Fingers?  Or, could it be Nalir, coming back to grief the heroes after years of not answering his letters?

The Souring

The Souring of the Shire introduces the players to Moist tokens.  Locations with the Food Storage trait receive Moist tokens if left to rot in the staging area. The more Moist a location gets, the more food spoils. Your investigation will be slowed by needing to put out fires as warehouses full of pipeweed go up in flames. The chaos has created rifts among the Shirefolk as hobbits at the local community college seem unaffected by this while the suburban hobbits keep calling the bounders. Navigating these factions could quicken or slow down the investigation. Depending on your choices you could also end up with powerful objective attachments such as The White Claw of Saruman or Mirlonde’s Hard Lembasade. Who will you side with?

Called to Adventure

The epic quest to stop the Souring of The Shire depends on you! Muster your squad, suck up the moisture, and ensure the greatest Grand Opening celebration in the history of The Shire!

Pre-order your copy of The Souring of the Shire at your local retailer, or online if this wasn’t a blatant April Fools gag. Stay safe at home, play The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game whiiiiiiiiiiiiiich is a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games, and wash your hands in Q2 2020!