E4 – Gateway Drug

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– Welcome

  •      Where were we?
  •      Botched spelling
  •     Trivia
  •     Steward of Gondor

– News

  •      The concept of progress
  •      Preview of Hunt for Gollum
  •      Massing of osgilliath at gencon (print on demand)

– Content

  •     Encounter card chats


2 thoughts on “E4 – Gateway Drug

  1. Great episode! After listening to the 3rd episode a few weeks ago, I was expecting that the title meant that you guys had gotten hooked on the AGoT LCG 😛

    That sucks that you guys lost your original recording, but I think that focusing on the Encounter cards for a change really helped keep the show still feel fresh, despite FFG’s unfortunate delay in getting the Hunt for Gollum and its accompanying slew of new cards released. I think that even more than the player cards, I’m really excited to finally see all of the new Encounter cards we’ll be going up against in the new scenario, and I hope lots of them follow the trend of those revealed in the previews and end up being absolutely brutal.

    Although I won’t be attending GenCon, I’m totally amped about the Massing at Osgiliath scenario; if print on demand really catches on, that could be a fantastic way for FFG to really crank out the scenarios and put out some potentially frequent supplemental releases in addition to the monthly adventure packs. They mention specifically that the Witch King is going to be one of the cards they release, and since they describe him as “the most terrifying foe at the Dark Lord’s disposal,” I can’t wait to see how much of a pain in the ass his card (hopefully) ends up being. Seems like it may be a little early in the game’s development to be releasing his card, but I’m excited anyways. Can’t wait to hear CotR’s trip report to GenCon!

  2. I’m just discovering the game and listening to your podcast has been a great intro! I had to order my copy online (as I couldn’t find it locally) and while I’m patiently awaiting for it to arrive, I listen to y’all! Keep up the great, entertaining work!

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