E10 – Samwise Cometh

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Episode 10

– Welcome
– Welcome to Mitch
– Trivia winner + trivia
– Fanfaregames.net
– G’day mate!
– News
– KAZAD DUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Preview cards from FFG website
– Content
– Rhosgobel play experiences
– To table talk or not to table talk?
– Old cards revisited

– Sign off

25 thoughts on “E10 – Samwise Cometh

  1. Thanks for having me on the show! It was a blast. By the way – if anybody is interested in reading some more of my opinions on any of the releases thus far, check out my (exhaustive) reviews on Amazon! Pardon the shameless plug, but a “helpful” vote would make my day. See you guys next episode!

    • Lightdarker, I’m down here in Roseburg, Oregon. Unfortunately still a bit outta the way for a game night in Yakima. I’d guess Portland is a good mid-way.

    • When you said exhaustive you meant it! Votes your way good sir – excellent to see you added to what was already an excellent ‘fellowship’. Also, I have to agree with you on having less love for the Blade – with the Dunedain Mark at the same cost and no conditions for the +1 attack (and also not being a restricted attachment) I would much rather have three of these in my deck.

    • Hey TheLightdarker…my son (age 12) and I live just outside of Yakima (Cowiche area). Maybe we could get together some time at North Town coffeehouse for some LOTR quests. I am coaching football right now and my time is completely swamped, but maybe in November?

      • Definitely! We should hopefully have Return to Mirkwood sometime around then, it would be a lot of fun to give that a play.

  2. That was fun, thanks guys. I actually got excited because I thought, from the title that you guys had some special info about Sam being the Hero for the next pack. It was actually just spoiled that it’s Brand, son of Bain(tactics)! I’m really stoked.

    Do you guys really play with the same heroes/deck for most games!?! My unspoken rule is that I never play two games in a row with the same heroes or spheres even. I’m more of a Bilbo/Pippin player. I’d answer the trivia but I’ve already got the pack, that’s cool you guys do that though!

    • I do tend to use the same heroes, but mostly because I don’t have a big, regular group of people to play with that encourage trying interesting, gimmicky, or entertaining new builds (or anyone to play with that wants to build their own deck). Whenever a new Adventure Pack comes out, I’ll make some changes here and there to try out some of the new cards that catch my eye, but my ultimate goal remains to have two decks that together are able to be played successfully against any scenario. I need to meet people on introduce LOTR to, for sure!

  3. Hi Guys,

    thank you for an epic show, really liked it, really appreciate it.

    There is much to say, but I want to keep myself to one point, where I think you are underestimating the possibilities: It’s the solo Trisphere deck.

    I am currently running a deck with Eowyn, Theodred and Bilbo and I am having fairly reasonable success with it. The deck can beat every quest except Dol Goldur and has a strong game (aka over 50% win rate) against all those quests except Rhosgobel (Rhosgobel seems to be pretty hard for solo play, unless you tailor your decks to the quest – which I dislike doing). The basic strategy is to stall with Henamarth Riversong and then win the game, when you are ready (Another reason why Rhosgobel is so hard for this deck – no stalling there). That strategy currently is unique to Solo play, but knowing exactly what comes off the Encounter deck is pretty huge and makes Solo play more viable.
    So I encourage you to give it a shot, Trisphere is definitely possible (and I don’t even use songs! Theodred is key to keeping your resources in the right spheres).

    See ya next time,

  4. Congrats on reaching 10 episodes, guys! I really enjoy getting your takes on the game and the new cards. Thanks for the shout out!

    I thought I would weigh in on the whole table talk discussion. I don’t know how many other coop games you all play, but the limited table talk rule is one that many of them share. For games with a traitor mechanic like Shadows Over Camelot, limiting table talk is actually necessary to help the traitors remain hidden. For pure coop games like Pandemic, the table talk rules are mostly included to keep one player from taking over and making the decisions for everyone else. I suspect this is the reason the rule was included in this game as well.

    My gaming partner and I always play with our hands on the table for games like Pandemic and LOTR LCG. We feel like the point of coop games is to, you know, cooperate, which means discussing plans for our next moves. We’ve never had the problem of one person making all the decisions, so we feel this way of playing is perfectly fine, and we enjoy playing this way. After many dozens of plays, it’s even gotten to the point that we know what the other is likely to do in certain situations, so it’s probably not even necessary to play with hands on the table, but for players who are new to the game and who don’t have to worry about one overbearing personality taking over, I see no problem with discussing cards and strategy openly.

    I look forward to your next podcast! Hopefully we’ll have the new pack out by then!

    • I had never even thought about that aspect of it (table talk being a method to stop one play from taking over the game). I’m not abundantly familiar with other hobby games, but it seems like LOTR has a solid method built in to combat this — being the first-player switchoff. The first player is given loads of decisions that, according to the rulebook, can completely dictate how the game will proceed. But! I still definitely see the advantage to limiting table talk to achieve this as well. Good call.

      Which leads me to my next thought… slightly competitive LOTR? How fast can you drum out one of your partners so you can reap the reward of Middle Earth for yourself? 🙂

  5. Good show, I listened to you first podcast, but then kinda forgot about your show until someone recently posted about it on the FFG forum.

    Personally, I prefer the “I got this” style of table talk. I find that being too explicit about your cards can lead to more experienced (or more bossy) players taking a directorial role and just telling others what they should play. LotR is one of the types of co-op games that I really like as you don’t exactly know what your partner is going to bring to the table.

  6. Great job on the show guys. It was nice to hear everybody’s opinion on my discussion topic.

    Somebody brought to my attention the other day that they would like to start playing card/board games through forums (pbf) or by email (pbm). What’s everybody’s take on trying to do a game of LOTR LCG using those formats. Could it be done? And how? I would be interested in hearing thoughts on putting together a 4 player game via forum/email.

  7. Great episode. I really like the ideas for table talk – “The grey wizard commeth” is one I must use in future.

    Any plans to do a Star Wars podcast as well when it releases ? You could call it Cardboard Force or This is the Cardboard you Are Looking For 😉

  8. A short thought about Zigil Miner: I think that card will be a complete game changer for Spirit. Because of Spirit’s ability to pull things out of it’s discard pile, not only are you getting the benefit of the ability, but you’re putting cards in your discard pile which you might be able to fish out later, making it function like something of a search mechanic. I know that I will it will be a MUST have in my spirit deck once this expansion hits.

    About table talk: my group has tried to play a more hard lined interpretation of the rules, without the cutesy ‘I might have a card in my hand who has the ability to track in Northern regions of Middle Earth’ way. It actually is quite fun and adds some challenge. I know a lot of folks don’t get to play 3-4 player that often, but with 4 experienced players, it can get a bit easy. So when you add that element of trusting your partners, it can take the game to a whole other level.

    • In some ways (i.e., Stand and Fight, Dwarven Tomb), putting cards from your deck directly to your discard pile functions like adding cards to your hand, too, so I think Zigil Miner definitely has the potential to be a game-changer. Also, considering how cards like Second Breakfast and Erebor Hammersmith fish cards out of the discard pile that maybe got there by accident, the utility for this new card could be very wide.

      For example, using Zigil Miner, naming 5, and discarding a card like Landroval only to gain 5 resources (only to then Stand and Fight Landroval, etc), would be pretty awesome (especially early in the game).

  9. +1 for “Go ahead; I got this,” -style table talk without details. It’s better for pleasant surprises and exciting last-minute heroism.

    By the way, guys. Have you seen that lady-killer, Brand, yet? Yow yow! Hide your Eleanors and Eowyns from this guy.

    • Dear Jason,

      You are my favorite, because this post is my favorite. And I really needed a laugh during my first hour at work today. Well played, sir.

    • I was hoping that FFG would release a second 2 Willpower Tactics hero, but the down syndrome is just icing on the cake.

      …has anyone had the heart to tell him that the stick strapped to his back isn’t a bow?

  10. Hi, enjoy the show… getting better and better…

    About the email you got that led to the Table Talk discussion I must say that I feel that that is kind of cheating, if it got down to just beating it and they beat it because of the intense planning then it borders on saying we just beat the quest becuase we draw a couple of extra cards or removed some wound tokens this round. I know, not really, but it’s kind of breaking a rule that might be put there to make it a little harder (I agree that it is very poorly worded in the rulebook though). I think it’s fun to have to rely on your fellow players to help you out without going into too much depth about it (and also getting better as a team with more plays).

    Also, I really enjoyed the Spider-man off-topic thing you did… made me laugh 🙂

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