E24 – We’re All Out Of Chicken

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Episode 24

– Welcome with a special guest!
– Gifts Contest winner!
– New contest –> Simple make a ghost army
– News
– FFG Articles
– Content
– Review Road to Rivendell

– Discussion -Who is Brev?
– Sign off

10 thoughts on “E24 – We’re All Out Of Chicken

  1. This is the official Episode 24+25 contest thread!! Please use the following format for your design:
    [card name]
    [card type] ally, event, etc.
    [traits] noble, tree, Gondor, etc.
    [statistics] hp, atk, def, etc.
    [card text]
    [flavour text]

    We look forward to seeing MANY entries!!

    • Ex.
      [Ghost Army of Dunharrow]
      [Dead. Dunharrow.]
      [Leadership sphere, cost of 7, 0 willpower,10 atk, 10 def, 10 hp]
      [Forced: When Ghost Army of Dunharrow attacks or defends flip a coin. If you lose the flip, shuffle Ghost Army of Dunharrow into your deck immediately]
      [The way is shut.]

  2. The movie line you guys were looking for is:

    “Crebain from Dunland!”

    Incidentally, a great name for the LotR-themed band you guys will want to make in order to provide the accompaniment for the upcoming musical episode.

    • I’m going to write a song that will follow the tune of Where Them Girls at called Where Them Ents At, and it will follow the turmoil that took place at Isengard before the forest fought back.

  3. I love the idea of a saga expension. One of my favorite character is Thorin Oakenshield and I lose all hope of playing him when i learn of the game timeline. It may just be a way to get more money or more players to the game, but if more people buy the game, the healthier the game will be.

  4. Is the design a card contest still on? I know this is late but I only just discovered your podcast. Great stuff guys, lots of card game awesomeness.

    • Definitely still going! We moved out contests to month-long ones, so you still have two weeks plus a few days to get a submission in!

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