E26 – The Devil Made Me Do It!

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Episode 26

– Welcome – We were a little Diablo distracted!
– Ghost Army Contest Winner and the return of trivia!!!
– News
– Dwarves Don’t Fear the Long Dark
– The Long Dark Lies Before You

– Watcher in the Water Encounter Reviews With Discussion of Mitch’s Dwarf deck and play throughs!

– Sign off

10 thoughts on “E26 – The Devil Made Me Do It!

  1. Hey guys, just a quick comment on Striking Tentacle. You seemed to imply that you had tried to defend against it before resolving its forced effect. That shouldn’t ever happen. Per p.2 of the FAQ, “when ____ attacks” effects should be dealt with during step 1 of enemy attack resolution (see the Dol Guldur Beastmaster errata). So, you will discard the encounter card–and know if the attack will be considered undefended–BEFORE you even have a chance to declare defenders.

    Basically, you should never need to waste actions defending against Striking Tentacle.

    • That’s an extremely helpful thing to have pointed out, and it makes a lot of sense from a “flavor” perspective, too – that is, a tentacle just lashing out from seemingly nowhere and striking somebody before anyone has a chance to ready a defense. Thanks for sharing this! I certainly just learned something.

      Also, I think that this episode should have been called “What New Devilry is This!”

    • Does it matter that the card says “When _____ IS attacked” instead of “When ____ attacks”? Do we consider it attacked when a player actally attacks it AFTER the damage is dealt?

  2. As to the Dwarrowdelf Axe question, I don’t think its response will kill Thrashing Tentacle before the actual attack damage is applied. From p. 6 of the FAQ, “after ____ attacks” effects like those on Wargs and Chieftan Ufthak take place after step 4 of enemy attack resolution (i.e., after attack damage has been applied). Basically, in the case of enemy attacks, “after” effects trigger once all the steps in an attack have been completed.

    Now, there is no step 4 of PLAYER attack resolution (only 1-3), but I think the same general principle would apply: “after [player character] attacks” effects take place once all the steps in a player attack have resolved. So, you won’t be able to trigger the Axe’s response until AFTER you have applied the attack damage. This means you’ll have to deal with the Thrashing Tentacle’s forced effect before it would be killed by any damage from Axe response effects.

    In short, no good news on this front.

    • Interesting. I had played and understood the card to be similar to Gondorian Spearman – as in in it gives you an instant bonus. Although now I think about it GS says when the card is “declared a defender” which would make sense.

    • You know, you don’t HAVE to listen to the podcast. We seem to constantly disappoint you, and it is okay to just ignore us!

  3. I’ve got an idea for something you could talk about, if you are hunting around for ideas.

    i got to your podcast a bit late, and i’ve only just started going through them from the beginning (i’ve only got up to episode 12 so far) so apologies if you’ve talked about this already — variant rules/house rules. are there any house rules you’ve come across, or played, which you think make the game better… that kind of thing

    im working on a solo variant myself so we can play with 6 heroes all at once, because i think the solo rules are a bit rubbish (to be blunt!). it seems more like a 2+ player game to me, and they bolted the solo rules on as an afterthought. so i’d be interested to hear you guys talking about all the best rules changes that have been suggested

  4. i was going to mention one of my own house rules, but i forgot. so here goes… i think a lot people play this one.

    if an objective card comes up as a shadow card, I shuffle it back into the encounter deck and draw the next one instead. because there’s nothing worse than hunting for gollum only to see him slip away as a shadow card. that drives me mental when that happens

  5. Hello guys, I have a question about grasping tentacle. Do you go through the process of a regular attack (declare defender, shadow card, damage, attack –then at this step flip another card for the forced effect?) Everyone is alluding to throwing chumps at it (snowbourn scout) , but wouldn’t it be killed by the initial damage taken while defending before the forced effect takes place?

    If it is an immediate forced effect triggered by declaring that you are going to engage the tentacle, then, if it becomes an attachment, other characters would not be able to attack it. Many are mentioning that you should attack it with multiple characters, It seems like after it converts, there is nothing you could do about it because it is no longer an attackable enemy. Any clarification here would be helpful, thanks

    P.S. I’ve really enjoyed the podcast!

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