E34 – Share the Load

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Episode 34

– Welcome
– News – Many exciting articles to discuss! Brandon loves dwarves!
– Content: Review the EPIC Hobbit player cards!

– Sign off

One thought on “E34 – Share the Load

  1. Someone should post here, so I’ll do it:

    Expecting Mitchief is great with Longbeard Elder.

    Spare Hood and Cloak is essentially a permanent Common Cause (and also totally owns Cram btw)

    Concerning Dori: He is the only Attack 2 Lore Dwarf in the game and even without his ability he has decent stats for his cost (look at Bombur if you wanna see a complete loser). You can leave Dori sitting around and use him for attacking and keep his ability as a safety net for nasty shadow cards. On top of that Dori looks like Rembrandt https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rembrandt. What more you can ask for?

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