E45 – Bonjour Magali

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Episode 45

– Welcome

– Interview with LCG artist Magali Villeneuve!

– Post interview thoughts

– Druadan Forest player card review

– Steward’s Fear scenario thoughts and experiences

– Sign off

7 thoughts on “E45 – Bonjour Magali

  1. Fantastic interview with Magali! I hoped she would mention a spoiler, but apparently FFG won’t approve of that. 🙂
    Looking forward to see a Faramir hero card based on the artwork of ‘Blood of Numenor’, although I think her human heroes sometimes look too young and too pretty. On that particular card, Faramir almost appears as if he is posing for the camera instead of focussing to hit an orc to safe his life.
    Faramir was 36 and Boromir 41 at the time of the War of the Ring, so at the time of the card game, I’d like to see them appear slightly older, as well.
    But this sort of criticism is similar to complaining about a single white cloud in the blue summer sky.

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