E53 – Laugh Track

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Episode 53

– Welcome! We are looking for a new co-host! Interested? Email cardboardoftherings@gmail.com and tell us about yourself! Over 18 and around the EST timezone please!

– News – More news about Isengard

– Content:

– Mogul Vale Player Card Review.

– Discussion: Does story matter?

– Campaign progress and feelings.

– Sign off

4 thoughts on “E53 – Laugh Track

  1. There’s nothing wrong with Pelargir Ship Captain. The problem is that you’re only looking at the ability and comparing it to Errand-Rider. ER can only be used to move resources, but PSC has stats and isn’t required to be exhausted, so his stats can be useful, especially with Visionary Leadership and Leadership Boromir. He suddenly becomes amazing. The only other 2-cost Leadership Gondor ally is Guard of the Citadel, who has the same stats as PSC but no ability. The Leadership Gondor characters that cost less (Errand-Rider and Squire of the Citadel) can’t be used like that. ER is designed to be exhausted every turn, or if he can’t he has no stats to do anything (1’s from the synergy), and Squire of the Citadel is only useful if he dies.

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