Episode 84 – Modified Sneak Attack

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– Introductions

– News – There is none!!

– Discussion: Wastes of Eriador Player Card Review

— Discussion: The Law Offices of Sean and Brian -> Are certain cards guilty or innocent of charges?

— Gen Con is coming!!!!!!!!

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– Sign off

3 thoughts on “Episode 84 – Modified Sneak Attack

  1. The tribunal was awesome! I’m totally on Sean’s side, always defending possible uses for cards.

    I want to add to Gimli’s defense though. In my opinion he’s only gotten better with time.
    1 He no longer overkills as often as he used to.
    2 Ent Draught is more HP.
    3 Battle keyword on quests make his high attack more useful.
    4 Archery has made it less risky to load up damage on him.
    5. Combining the above three points, you can use Trained for War and have Gimli singlehandedly quest for 12+ questing points after taking all the archery damage for the team.

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