Episode 87 – Two Point Five Asfaloths

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– Introductions – Welcome to Beorn from the Hall of Beorn Blog and the Grey Company Podcast!


– Discussion: Player card reviews for Across the Ettenmoors

– Discussion: Building Decks

— Discussion: The Hall of Beorn and the Grey Company

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– Sign off

3 thoughts on “Episode 87 – Two Point Five Asfaloths

  1. Hey guys, I’m an avid reader of Dan’s blog, but new to your podcasts and I very much enjoy them. With all of the Dori hate, I was curious about whether he might have a role in a Beorn deck?

    I don’t actually own Beorn, so I haven’t really looked into what exactly constitutes a “player card effect” with regard to his passive, but could Dori not act as a defensive attachment mule for the ferociously loveable, bear man? If that isn’t a possibility, apologies.

    I’ll be sure to keep up with these podcasts henceforth!

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