Episode 111 – The Truth about Tauriel

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– A very special guest for a very special celebration! Welcome to the Master of Lore!

– We discuss all thing LotR Lore and specifically Harad lore.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 111 – The Truth about Tauriel

  1. Here is one additional answer and two corrections:
    1) Tolkien was, in fact, the first to use the word “orc” to describe a goblin-like creature. In Latin, the word “orcus” means “hell” and the Old English word “orcneas” meant “monsters”.
    2) The Dark-Elves of Middle-earth were called the Avari. I said Atani, which is the Quenya word for Men.
    3) Círdan is counted among the Falathrim (Coastal-Elves). I said he was Falmari (Sea-Elves). Both are types of Teleri (not Noldor), but the Falathrim and Círdan never crossed the Sea. My bad!

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