Episode 130 – A Flock of Eagles


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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Chris and Jon
  • Thanks to our Patrons! Shout-out to David G and Scott D
  • News
  • A look back at the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle
  • “Which sets to buy?” – Buyers advice for new players
  • Farewells

Artist: Jake Murray, “The Eagles are Coming!”

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2 thoughts on “Episode 130 – A Flock of Eagles

  1. excellent show! I only own the core set and Mirkwood cycle, so love whenever you talk about these old sets.

    I have a humble request, if you find it interesting: in the core set, if you were to re-design it, what cards would you alter, and how? Myself I am currently in the process of altering some of the cards with house-rules: I make the auto-include staples less strong (most notably Unexpected Courage and Steward of G) and boost some cards that were always auto-pass (most notably cards like Gandalf’s Search and Power in the Earth). With the most powerful cards toned down, and the weakest boosted, I find deck building so much more interesting . Would love your input on the topic too 🙂

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