Episode 161 – Don’t Ignori Dori

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Jon, Chris, Nick and Ben
  • COVID-19: How is everyone doing?
  • Thank you to: Joel B, Adam B, Zachary J, and Andy
  • Announcements and news:
  • 9 year Contest! https://forms.gle/MZc3o7wH6QeWBkon8
  • Con of the Rings 2020: Tickets on sale April 6th! https://conoftheringsmn.com
  • John Leo’s Westmarch Maness https://forms.gle/1ePCmvzTjJf9n4dq7
  • A magazine?
  • Twitter Moment
  • Top and Bottom 3 of the Angmar Awakened cycle
  • AMA: Books to read, childhood board games, and a cartoon conundrum.
  • Farewells

Original Artist: Sebastian Giacobino

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