Episode 170 – Hey, That’s My Caleb!

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Jon, & Chris
  • Special Guest: Caleb Grace!
  • Thank you to: Brian E, Ryan R, Chris.
  • Announcements and News
  • Swag: Shipped! (mostly)
  • Twitter Moment! Contest winners announced
  • League of Cooperative Gaming Discord server https://discord.gg/5EaUqQY
  • Con of the Rings Online recap.
  • Final Contract: Perilous Voyage Spoiled. More importantly…we pulled off a joke!!
  • *Sharkey Attack!
  • Rapid fire questions for Caleb
  • Fortress of Nurn Player card reviews
  • Preview of Episode 171, and we give our thanks to Caleb and the community.
  • Farewells

Original Artist: The incomparable Aleksander Karcz

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