Episode 176 – A Very Good Episode

CotR 176: A Very Good Episode

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Jon, & Chris
  • Thank you to: Rhett C, Stephen R, Kevin M
  • Announcements, News and Twitter
  • Final Days to join https://www.patreon.com/cardboardoftherings to get the 2021 swag
  • https://www.patreon.com/farcom A way to work together to create Middle Earth Art
  • Random Review Redo: Let the Discord decide.
  • The Hobbit Saga Quests: How have they aged and Top 4/Bottom 3 player cards
  • Farewells

Original Artist: Magali Villeneuve

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One thought on “Episode 176 – A Very Good Episode

  1. Guys, I love your podcast. Many thanks for the thoughtful ways you look at our beloved game ! It is entertaining and useful tp hear from you for a nearly beginner like me.
    I would like to say also how much I’m enthusiastic, knowing you collectively rate the Hobbit saga as so-so… as I’m having a total blast playing it !! Knowing that much quest greatness is coming makes me really happy.
    Just two more lines about my Hobbit experience. As a not so experienced player (I played the game through the 4 first cycles, mostly 2-handed), the saga boxes were a training ground : deck construction, deck adaptation, precious treasure cards, quest variety. I understand Caleb did better in the following years but what a excellent month I’m living, playing it through, quest after quest !
    Keep up the good job !

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