Episode 178 – A Living (!) Card Game

Episode 178: A Living (!) Card Game

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Jon, and Chris
  • Thank you to: Dylan M, Erik M, Jason W
  • Announcements, News and Twitter
  • Next Episode is our 10-year anniversary episode. Many prizes to be won. Fill out this form for a chance to be a winner: https://forms.gle/rSgvTwtMxdtJhq5U8
  • Gen Con Statement: Gen Con 2021 is moving to September 16-19, 2021 in a hybrid format with Gen Con Indy, Gen Con Online, and Pop-Up Gen Con running concurrently to provide in-person and online experiences. Read the full announcement for more information and FAQs.
  • Random Review Redux Part Three-do: Let the Discord decide.
  • ALEP Deluxe is here! Children of Eorl
  • AMA (just one, we are very tired)
  • Farewells


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2 thoughts on “Episode 178 – A Living (!) Card Game

  1. Will you guys be done ragging on Dwarves soon? I just started your podcast a week or two ago and I’m on episode 23 and so far I’m getting really tired of listening to you guys constantly bash Dwarves and Khazad-Dum. I’m just wondering if it stops soon, because it’s getting old enough to make me want to stop listening.

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