Episode 195 – Precious Cards

Episode 195 - Precious Cards

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Chris, and Jon
  • Thank you to: Kyle P, Luke W, Manuel L, Mark T
  • Patreon Deadline is HERE! Join now at the Denethor or Boromir Tier for 6 months to get the AWESOME swag. 
  • Tardy Takes and other Patreon exclusive content
  • Random Review Redo (don’t play this one 4 player!)
  • New Play Advice: Action Windows in the Combat Phase
  • 7 Cards from the Starter Sets you should care about
  • Round-up
  • AMA
  • Farwells

Community Links:

CotR Discord
Seastan’s Videos
RingsDB.com Deckbuilder
Lord of the Rings LCG Quest Companion – Rules and definitions and other helpful items
Vision of the Palantir – Scenario and player card blog
Hall of Beorn card search and blog, including Beorn’s Path for new players
Other podcasts: The Grey Company, Three is Company, Card Talk, Late of the Rings


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