Episode 207 – Don’t Tell It on the Mountain

Episode 207 - Don't Tell it on the Mountain

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Show Notes

  • Welcome from Chad, Jon, and Eric

  • Thank you Anthony B, Brennan M, Dan AKA KennedyHawk, Brent M

  • Announcements and News

  • Massive Multiplayer online January 15th at 1:30 pm Eastern, which is 7:30 pm Central European time: The Nine are Abroad

  • Random Review Redo: OF PAIN!

  • Musical Christmas Magic from Jon (Download a stereo mix for future holiday festivities!)

  • Community Round-up Spreadsheet with community information

    • Grey Company Podcast
    • Tales from the Cards blog
    • Three is Company Podcast
    • Lotr LCG Facebook Group
    • Warden of Arnor blog
    • Monday Night Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/wanderingtook
    • League of Cooperative Gaming discord server
    • Lotr Quest Companion
    • Ringsdb deck builder
    • Dragn cards
    • Herr der Ringe LCG Wiki german resource\
    • Late of the Rings podcast
    • Con of the Rings convention
    • Lotr Deck Tech deckbuilding series
    • Master of Lore blog
    • 10th Nazgul/Hive Tyrant videos
    • Secondhand Took blog
    • Mirkwood Runner blog
    • Susurros del bosque viejo spanish resource
    • Team Covenant videos
    • Lure of Middle Earth Convention
    • Legacy of Feanor custom content
    • GeckoTH custom content
    • Ninjadorg custom content
    • Feonix custom content
    • Riddermark Lord alt arts
    • Burger Tokens tokens
    • Drac tokens
    • Buy the Same Token tokens
    • The BGG dividers – a few different flavors. Nine Riders (tlawrence) and Ryno (originally Ryno, now maintained by Malarick) are most popular
    • Tesseract games dividers
    • The box project – Ira and Jason working to make custom printed boxes to house cycles
    • Non-LOTR: Biglof, Vardean, and Wandering Took: Critical Encounters and Daniel’s Podcast: The Canon ReviewedOther notable community contributers:
  • AMA
  • Farewell! 

Community Links:

CotR Discord
Seastan’s Videos
RingsDB.com Deckbuilder
Lord of the Rings LCG Quest Companion – Rules and definitions and other helpful items
Vision of the Palantir – Scenario and player card blog
Hall of Beorn card search and blog, including Beorn’s Path for new players
Other podcasts: The Grey Company, Three is Company, Card Talk, Late of the Rings


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10 thoughts on “Episode 207 – Don’t Tell It on the Mountain

  1. How well do the Revised Core set, and starter sets play with the ALeP Expansions? There are symbols I don’t recognize in the Children of Eorl in the questing text, and I didn’t know if I needed other expansions to understand these. Thanks for your help!

      • Hi. You will be fine. The encounter cards from the Deluxe expansion of children of eorl are needed to play the rest of the alep oaths of rohirrim cycle, but no encounter cards from any of the games official expansions are needed. . So if you have the coreset and some starter decks you are good to go.

      • Hi. You are good to go. No encounter cards from any of the games expansions are required to play the alep oaths of the rohirrim cycle. You do need to have children of eorl to play the rest of the adventure packs from the cycle though. If you have the coreset and some starter decks you are ready to play! If you don’t have the alep cards yet, feel free to jump in on the group order I am setting up. Lots of other great content in there too.

    • Thanks Doug! I appreciate the feedback. My main question with the first scenario trying to figure out what the keyhole looking icon on the first quest of the Children of Eorl is. Or maybe it is a game piece icon. Which ever, it is throwing me for a loop.

  2. Hey. Thanks guys for the mention of my mb print group order I am putting together. Small correction, I am not adding all of the fan content ever made, but definitely a lot of it. Some of the older quests like Ninjadorgs and MJ Newman’s from before she joined FFG may not play as well today as they once did, but I still think there is a lot of content that would be great for both newer players and veterans looking for a little variety. Btw, I am also adding the Purple Wizards challenge deck and his epic multilayer adaptations you mentioned as well, and much more. There is more info on the LOTR Facebook group in the featured posts, and I will keep everyone updated there too. I have had some very positive feedback from the community and there is a ton of enthusiasm out there for this! Anyway, thanks again for the mention and I hope to have this order up within the next few weeks. Take care. Doug B

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