Deck Spotlight – Stand and Fight the Harad Way


Chad covers a Spirit and Leadership deck called “Stand and Fight the Harad Way.” This deck makes use of key Noldor Cards to synergize with Kahliel and his Harad Allies.

Check out the link below to see the full deck list.

CotR Fellowship Spotlight: Keeping Count with Thurindir


I am now on the Thurindir bandwagon, and this is the Fellowship that did it. Yes, I know I featured a deck by this author in the last spotlight, but I couldn’t resist this one. It’s got one of those ideas that was so off my radar that my mind exploded when I saw it.

I think that a lot of players; and, until recently, myself included; hold a simplistic view of Thurindir: Side quests provide global boosts to the players, and Thurindir facilitates this mechanic, which in turn boosts his own stats. Throw in a Legacy Bladed or two, and you get bigger stat boosts. That’s cool and all, but what if we shift our mindset away from “side-quest deck” and more towards “mechanic-that-side-quests-facilitate deck”. With a guaranteed, player-chosen side quest in hand, what becomes possible? For starters, we can get Keeping Count to work.

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CotR Deck Spotlight: Alternate story – The three hunters


The latest incarnations of Legolas and Gimli are no strangers to this spotlight series, and we’ve already seen how good the duo can be. Given how seamlessly their abilities interact (and the fact that they were released in the same box), they were obviously designed with each other in mind. Yet, unlike the other famous pair in this game, Elladan and Elrohir, Legolas and Gimli do not necessarily have to pair with each other.

With that thought in mind, we are going to explore what is possible when you split the duo apart. In particular, we are going to look at a Three Hunters deck from an alternate-universe in which Argalad, instead of Legolas, was sent to the Counsel of Elrond.

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CotR Fellowship Spotlight: March of the Ents


Ents are bonkers. Stat-wise, they are fantastic for their cost, though the tempo hit can be a hard pill to swallow. When the hero leadership iteration of Faramir was first spoiled, I think we all saw his potential in an Ent deck. The catch, as many pointed out, is that leadership cannot boast a single Ent.  In fact, to get the most out of them, you need access to both tactics and lore; though a tri-sphere deck would then have problems paying for all the allies. An alternative option, of course, is to spread the Ents out across a Fellowship.

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