E6 – Down on Bilbo?

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-Episode 6

– Welcome
– Hunt for gollum!
– trivia

– News
– Gen Con
– Carrock preview card

– Content
– Review Hunt for Gollum!!

– Sign off

15 thoughts on “E6 – Down on Bilbo?

  1. Thematically, I think Frodo is great… the reasoning I read somewhere on FFG website was that Frodo is putting on the One Ring to avoid the damage he would have taken and being corrupted by it.

  2. Great podcast guys, I was eagerly awaiting it and I was not disappointed. I really like the humor you put into it.

    My two cents about the new hero deck cards:
    I think Strider’s Path is the best card in the expansion, you’ll want to put it in every Lore Deck and that’s a proof for its greatness I guess
    Have you guys thought of putting the Minstrel in your lore decks even without having songs? I know 3 ressources is lot for a 1-hit-point-creature whose special ability you wont use but my Lore decks are very weak on the willpower side so I need every lore ally with willpower for questing.
    Dunedain’s Mark is the second top card on this expansion: cheap, useful and versatile. You can shift it around between attacks, can’t you?
    I think the two spirit cards are a let down, but then hey, spirit has the best cards in the core set, so maybe spirit deserved weak cards more than the other spheres ๐Ÿ™‚
    Tactics, well the Guardian is not bad but you’ll need two tactics heroes else it drains all your tactics ressources.

    Keep up the good work, cheers

  3. Just a quick note: All Goblins so far are also Orc…
    I think they wanted the Blade of Gondolin et al to affect all “greenskins” (which are not really green in LotR), without creating a new trait or cluttering the player cards.

  4. Wooo, shout-out for CotR superfan #1! Hahahah, I can hardly believe that you finally got to talk about The Hunt for Gollum. I’ll look forward to hearing about some play reports next cast; the way the rumor-mill is making things sound, after Gen Con you guys might have not only Massing at Osgiliath to talk about, but the next 1-3 adventure packs, too…

    When Carrock is released, I’m currently planning on swapping Scroto Baggins into my Spirit/Lore utility deck (for 2 player games), to take the place of Dunhere (since I need to keep a second Spirit hero in for resources, and because Dunhere rarely gets to use his ability the way I play, the two Willpower and emergency damage cancellation would be a big improvement).

    I’m looking forward to swapping out a couple of Wandering Took for a couple copies of Eomund, as well. Now that we have access to Dunedain Mark, I’ve actually gone so far as to pull a single Blade of Gondolin out of my Leadership/Tactics tanking deck just to fit in another cheap, chump blocking Snowbourn Scout. After playing The Hunt for Gollum a few times, I switched things up from Theodred/Legolas/Gloin to Theodred/Legolas/Gimli, and took out some trashy Leadership allies (Son of Arnor, Silverlode Archer, etc), for some more useful crap like Citadel Plate and Winged Guardian. By keeping Leadership card costs extremely low, I’m able to keep churning out lots of junk even though Theodred spends half his time tossing resources to my Lore/Spirit partner.

    In fact, my recent deck reconstruction (preparing some heavier hitters to smash the Carrock trolls), was literally the first time I’ve ever used Gimli and Citadel Plate, and I’ve gotta say, he is absolutely kickass with Quick Strike, Unexpected Courage, Westfold Horse-Breaker, etc.

    As always, keep up the great casting!

  5. The wording isn’t the best, but I’m pretty sure Frodo can cancel damage even if it was enough to kill him, like say 5 damage. That’s what the text in the preview makes it sound like. This means you can let more attacks through and have him absorb it with threat. He seems pretty useful to me. And he would be good against Dol Guldur Orcs.

  6. Hey guys… I just wanted to drop a few lines to tell you that 1) your podcast has at least one listener here in Austria and 2) that this one listener enjoys your work very much. My personal “hunt for Gollum” is still on, because I haven’t yet managed to get a copy, but listening to episode 6 made the wait a bit more bearable. So… keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next episode!


  7. I think you misread “The Eagles Are Coming!”. It lets you put ALL the Eagles in the top 5 cards into your hand at no cost. Currently there are not enough Eagle cards to make it worth it but consider that if your entire deck where Eagles the card would read “Pay 0 to Draw 5 cards”. (You would need around 20 Eagle cards in your deck to make it worth it)

  8. All the heroes except Bilbo have threat equal to the sum of their W, A, D and HP. Bilbo in an extra 3 on top of that. So I agree his ability is strong, but does it seem worth the extra 3 threat to you?

  9. It hunt for Gollum, yes because the combat is so mild. In any of the core quests, no he isn’t worth it, but can still be workable. I think it is very quickly going to become difficult to rate cards in a vacuum as more and more quests come out.

  10. I think it is amusing, looking back, that they think Eagles are coming was so bad. I do think they over looked that it said add any eagle cards you find, not “a” eagle. Early on in the game, first few cycles, I obliterated with eagle decks. ๐Ÿ™‚ so if you are just starting the game now, know that once you have the full first cycle, it is a very good card to churn through the deck. Also, it counts as an eagle card itself, you end up chaining these cards more than you’d think.

    Looking forward to catching up to current episodes.

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