E7 – Missing at Osgiliath

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Episode 7

– Welcome
– Content tidal wave!
– Back from gen con
– Trivia

– News
– Boromir spoiled details on B
– Conflict at the Carrock out!
– Updates at LotRlcg Manson240

– Content
– Gen con report
– Hunt for Gollum play experience
– Look at massing cards and experience
– Look at CatC cards
– Big set speculation

– Sign off

14 thoughts on “E7 – Missing at Osgiliath

  1. Hi guys,

    great podcast, thanks for your effort in creating this massive piece of fun (Louis, le Troll francais, made nearly fell of the chair). So much input, I cant comment on everything, so just a few thoughts from my boggled mind.

    The Witch King doesnt reward victory points, yes. But do you think you can kill him for good? No, you just gave him some pummeling and drove him away for the moment. Like the Nazgul of Dol Goldur, I dont think beating him means kiling him for real (like a generic Hill Troll or the neighborhoods nameless Orc bugger ), the players just managed to drive him away for some time. Therefore I think, Nazguls not having victory points and therefore are not removed from play after getting beaten is fine and makes sense as they really cant die.

    I agree with Bilbo: At first we thought, well he’s ok but is he really worth playing when you need some awesome heros for winning the more difficult scenarios. We gave him a try (we put him in our Tactics/Lore deck instead of Denethor) and we realized how great he is. That auto-card draw ability which all players benefit from is great. He is one of those heroes that seem average on paper but really shine bc they contribute continously to overall victory. He ended up being the main blocker (with Dunedain Warning, Burning Brand and Plate Armor)

    Burning brand is great but I disagree that you cant play it on a Hero with the Song of Wisdom attached (but thats debatable of course). I just expect the long faces when Burning Brand cancels the Ranger of Ithilien shadow card while playing Massing at Osgiliath 😦

    I agree with your assessment of the Carrock player cards except Born Aloft and Eomund: Yes, Born Aloft screams for Gandalf but our Tactics player is always low on resources, so he claimed he cant play Gandalf that often and for that Born Aloft takes up a card slots in his deck without efficient use(?!). He left the Gandalf-Cameo-Marathon to the Leadership/Spirit-Player.

    Eomund might not be the best card but I replaced all Lorien Guides in my deck with him. His questing is as good as the Lorien guide‘s but he has 1 defense and his ability fits well with Eowyn and Theodred – so why not use him?

    We played Carrock yesterday with two people and it was tight till the end and much fun. The interesting part was, when we engaged the 4 unique Trolls the encounter deck was running low on cards and annoying Rupert kept reshuffling the sacked cards back into the shallow encounter deck (which contained an unhealthy proportion of sacked and roasted slowly cards at that time). The appearance of one of the good ole Hill Trolls in the midst of the final battle was welcommed by maniac laughter from us (having an atack of 8 and defence of 5 with all the Troll boosting effects in the game)

    oh, and the word you were looking for was catalysator I guess 🙂

    Keep up the good work, cheers

  2. I think I would cry if I burning branded my Ranger of Ithilien, at least right now because I am so up on it. It is my favourite card right now, I love it!

    Carrock sounds brutal, especially with a reshuffling small deck with much sack.

    Thanks for listening!

  3. Fantastic show! Needed more sack though.

    It definitely sounds like I need to hit up GENCON next year, but in any case I’m really looking forward to picking up my copy of Massing at Osgiliath once its released for print on demand, it sounds like a great challenge. Could I ask how many cards the set comes with, or if it includes any kind of paper insert like the Adventure Packs do?

    I’m kinda surprised that I hadn’t thought of putting Song of Wisdom and A Burning Brand together as a combo before listening to this cast, but glancing at the rulebook I think that Shelfwear is correct:

    * Rulebook page 8, regarding the symbol on the bottom left of a hero card, states “Resource Icon: Found only on hero cards, these icons indicate the sphere(s) of influence to which resource tokens in this hero’s resource pool belong. They also indicate to which sphere(s) the hero card itself belongs.”

    * Song of Wisdom states, “Attached hero gains a [Lore] resource icon.”

    * A Burning Brand states, “Attach to a [Lore] character.”

    Given that a Leadership character such as Aragorn belongs to the Leadership sphere only because he has a Leadership resource icon, if you were to grant him another resource icon, Lore (through Song of Wisdom), he would in turn belong to the Lore sphere as well, thus becoming a Leadership/Lore character and therefore an eligible target for A Burning Brand. Likewise, his resources would also belong to both spheres, so he could be the hero with the resource match used to pay for A Burning Brand.

    A potentially very powerful combo, one that I’ll have to give some thought. Can’t wait until the next show! I’ll probably chime in tonight with some more thoughts about new cards. Keep up the great work!

    • I hadn’t thought of it like that, but for 1 more attack strength than Erebor Hammersmith in exchange for a resource cost of 2 higher, ouch. With average attack and defense, along with pretty poor willpower and a rather odd throwaway ability, this card just seems all over the place to me, although at the moment I suppose the “beggars can’t be choosers” saying might apply to mono-Tactics questers.

      Still, I can’t help but think that the Beekeeper’s perhaps begrudgingly granted place in a mono-Tactics deck will be taken up rather quickly once there are better (read: any), options for Tactics questers. I’m a little surprised that the first new Tactics hero doesn’t a questing focus.

  4. Hey guys, great podcast. Based on your description, I think you may be playing Legolas, and/or Blade of Gondolin incorrectly. In the FAQ it states that Legolas only places progress tokens on the active quest if there is no active location. If there is an active location, the tokens go on it instead. I think it says something to the effect that, unless the card had terminology like “bypassing the active location” any tokens that would go on the quest, instead go on the location. It actually sites Legolas as and example. Check it out, maybe I’m wrong, but it sounded like you guys were bypassing the locations with his ability; especially when you spoke of bypassing the Pelennor Fields local. Cheers, Greg L.

    • We bypassed the fields through not travelling there through some trickery but we play Legolas correctly as your described above. We were having a hard time remmeber the particulars of that play so sorry if it sounded confusing!!

  5. This might still be too gimmicky, but the Beekeeper might be interesting with Born Aloft.

    He’s still expensive but at least you aren’t “losing” him to the discard pile. I figure it’s probably not a coincidence that he was released with Born Aloft.

    Still not sure if I’ll play him (well, besides trying to get to 50 cards in a mono-tactics deck). But coupled with Thalin and Born Aloft, I think he’s slightly better (if Born Aloft cost anything other than 0 with Beekeeper, then it probably wouldn’t be a stellar combo, not that it is now. haha).

    “Pippins” will probably like this, though.

    Keep up the good work, guys!

    • I don’t know if Born Aloft would work with an ability like Beorn Beekeeper (or Westfold Horse-Breaker), has, though…

      Rulebook page 7 says “If the card to which an attachment is attached leaves play, the attachment card is discarded.”

      The way I see it, because Born Aloft says nothing resembling “if the attached ally were to enter your discard pile, return the ally to your hand instead,” your options would be:

      1. Discard Beorning Beekeeper to use its action (it leaves play, therefore the attached Born Aloft is also discarded, and the ability is activated as its requirement is met).

      2. Discard Born Aloft to use its action (Beorning Beekeeper is returned to your hand, with no window of opportunity to use its ability).

      If you return the Beekeeper to your hand, that isn’t satisfying the requirement specified by his ability (and Born Aloft doesn’t say anything about overriding other cards, cancelling a necessary discard effect, etc).

  6. we definitely need an updated FAQ. If you’re right, Light Darker, and I suspect you might be, it makes the Beekeeper much less useful (as if he needed to be more useless).

  7. I seriously don’t like the art on the Boromir card. Why? He looks like friggin’ Gene Simmons. And not “Detroit Rock City” Gene Simmons, more like “I forgot to take out the trash and Shannon’s pissed off” Gene Simmons.

  8. Great show!

    While you all were talking about Muck Adder you mentioned taking it out in one go with Legolas equipped with 2 Blades of Gondolin, but that’s not quite right as the Blades only give +1 ATK against Orc characters. (You’ve probably already figured that out – I’m listening to this well past the post date.)

    Keep up the great work.

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