E16 – 10th Nazgul and a Dorito

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Episode 16

– Welcome
– Reveal the winner of the 1st ever hero revision contest!

– Bill the Pony contest

– News
– Previews for K-D and Dwarrowdelf

– Content
– Dead Marshes player experiences pt II
– Return to Mirkwood encounter cards
– Brief play experiences
– Lackey LCG from tragictheblathering

– Sign off


21 thoughts on “E16 – 10th Nazgul and a Dorito

  1. O.K. there is going to be 165 new cards, along with 9 new encounter decks. With that said how many new player cards do you think there will be? I would say no more 9 new cards(3 copies of 3 new cards).

  2. Hi there,

    on the case of the Balrog: There has been a forum post at FFG (that got removed in short time) translating the 6 “story lines” of the adventure packs that had been spoiled on the french board. I cannot be sure 100%, but it seemed that the 6th adventure pack is going to contain a Balrog. Spoiling this information might have led to the deletion of that thread, so watch out for the safety of your podcast 😉

    on the case of Elfhelm vs. Zigil Mineshaft: I don’t have the rulebook in front of me, but I think there is a part talking about the effects of cards and especially the word “to”. IIRC the essence is any part before the “to” is considered a cost, while everything after the “to” is considered the effect. And since Elfhelm works against encounter card effects, he would not be able to mitigate the cost of the Zigil Mineshaft ability.

    on the case of Goblin names: I totally agree. I don’t think it would be that hard to come up with some not so standard names for those enemies…
    A “simple” Goblin Slicer already sounds less generic to me and could still carry a sword…
    Or maybe call it Goblin Sliceperson :p

  3. Sirprim you are right that the raise your threat of Zigil Mineshaft is a cost and not an effect regards Elfhelm’s ability. Having gone back and read the Core Rules again there are two areas to look at one is the section on Effects page 23 and the other is Paying Costs page 25.

    If you read the effect section without then checking the section on costs you would consider the whole Zigil Mineshaft an effect but the cost section does state that everything before the to is considered a cost and everything after is considerd the effect.

    Having checked this now I agree you can’t use Elfhelm’s ability to counter ZM. It seemed a bit overpowered when I was thinking about it. Good catch.

  4. Guys, even though I feel with you, Khazad-Dum will not be released until January 2012…

    I’m a bit annoyed by FFG’s inability to stick to deadlines and their lack of transparent communication

    (rant off)

    I’d wished a couple of more player cards in KD rather than 9 encounter sets (there will be only 11 different new player cards in KD). So far most decks build themselves – you don’t have much variation in what cards to chose (they are either useful or crap). The only significant deck building choice at this point is which spheres to combine, not which cards.

  5. I laugh every time second second breakfast hitch is mentioned. It is by far my favorite card in the game and you guys should make sure to mention it at least once each episode. I find it funny that it always finds its way into the conversation. Keep it up!

  6. OK just finished listening to the episode. While I understand Brian’s frustration as a solo player I disagree that there needs to be any change to the way FFG do the Quests. All of them are doable solo with the right deck. The hardest by far is Escape from Dulguldor (solo) but it can be done.

    My success rate solo for RtM is about 30-50% depending on the deck. Regards 3B – Protector of Lorien is a god send to get through that in one or possibly two turns. Threat escalation is insane solo even when playing reduction but it still is managable …. some times.

    However to ease your plight I intend to do some custom cards for “Dorito” to help him out.

  7. The rules insert that comes with Return to Mirkwood states that Gollum counts as an ally for cards that damage all characters, such as the Bats.

    • Someone actually sent me an email to mention this, too, and I think it makes perfect sense – hence my originally playing Gollum as being an Ally!

  8. I think that solo questing is really hard and maybe it could be done with the right deck, I don’t want to have a specific deck do to it.

    I have though of a option to make it more balance for a solo player, but I not sure if I should tell you right now since it could be a question for a contest…lol

    • Feel free to email! Your pre-submission would never affect your chances in any future contest we may have. Unless you have any family members that work for the podcast. Then you may be disqualified.

  9. Just want to thank Brian for representing the solo player. I would love to see some good submissions for questions rejiggered for solo play. NinjaDorg on BGG has a solo hero quest, but I found it far too easy!

    Also, i screwed up on my Bill the Pony submission. No name in image title, and I misattributed my quote to the movie. Oops.

  10. I’m behind on my podcasts- SORRY!!!!

    What if each scenario is rated- rated 4 for multi player but its rated 7 for the solo player— then reviews could tell solo players if they want to buy certain packs?

  11. Just been listening to Brian talking about the hard solo player rules. I agree with them. It always seems to me like the solo player rules were just tacked onto the end, without much thought given to how to balance them out. So I’ve got a solo player version here which lets you use 6 heroes, and works well with all the threat. It would be great if some people could playtest it and maybe tweak it a little bit… and see what they think… (maybe even get a cheeky mention on the podcast!)…

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