E16.5 – Boromir Gets Fresh

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Episode 16

A special episode with Brian and Mitch! Take a trip and explore the passage through Mirkwood with the dynamic duo!

8 thoughts on “E16.5 – Boromir Gets Fresh

  1. Good episode guys. Next time a more complex quest so you can get into how the decks work a bit more.

    The Carrock comes to mind. It has some location hate and big enemies.

    Maybe one of the harder quests from Khazad-dum when it comes out.

    • It was a total bummer that once things felt like they really started to get rolling that the scenario was already practically over! We’ll definitely have to do it again with a much more challenging, more demanding and complicated quest sometime in the very near future.

  2. Enjoyed the playthrough! My personal opinion on table talk is that it is what makes a coop game fun. Without it, you might as well play the game alone. And I think it would be especially helpful for this format since it’ll let the listeners hear your reasoning behind the cards you choose to play and actions you choose to take (since we can’t see your hands or anything).

    Hope to listen to another one soon!

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