E28 – White Wizard

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Episode 28

– Welcome
– Next contest: How to promote LOTR:LCG! (iron on patches)
– News
– Exhausted in Foundations of Stone


Glorfindel Travels to Moria’s Foundations of Stone


– Discussion: Luck vs. Skill

– The Long Dark encounter card reviews!!!

– Sign off

5 thoughts on “E28 – White Wizard

  1. This is only a suggestion, but a possible house rule for the location tests, especially for “the” test, might be to tie the number of cards you flip over to the casting cost of the cards you discard from your hand. Perhaps, flipping over “X+1” event cards for every card the first player discards, i.e., if you happen to discard a Beorn, you’d get to discard seven event cards. That way, at least, you can cycle through the event cards to get to those elusive “Passes”, even if you don’t manage to pull a Pass from Beorn going off to explore the twisting passages by himself.

    Though I hope, if the developers want to make use of these mechanics, they’ll have a card like, “Dunedain Tale”, which could attach to a location,enemy, or treachery and give it a victory point, i.e., you could then pull that card out of the deck. For the most part, it would be inconsequential, but for quests where you cycle through the events, it might help to keep away fatal or extremely annoying events; and it might make sense thematically because a ranger’s story would provide knowledge on how to avoid that location, creature, and trick from tripping you up again.

  2. Ok: I’ve tried to work this out and I just can’t see it. Can someone explain the combo of Song of Earendil and Wandering Took? All I can see is if I give you Wandering Took, I drop my threat by 3, you raise yours by 3. Then I trigger Song of Earendil because you raised threat. This lowers your threat by 1 and raises my threat by 1. So the net change is that I’m down 2 and you’re up 2. Why am I using Song of Earendil? It’s not helping me lower my threat. Is it just to soften the blow for you?

  3. You play Song of Ereandil on your partners hero (use Song of Travel if needed). Than you send the Wandering Took back and forth and over again and again… If your partner plays along, this results in you never leaving the 20 threat threshold. Once you get a 2nd Song of Ereandil on your hero, you can freely adjust the threat between the two of you at any given time.

    Hope this helps

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