E29 – Andrew Stabbed With Morgul Blade

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Episode 29

– Welcome
– News
– A creature of Shadow and Flame

– Discussion: Pet cards (Hint: Brandon’s is KET!)

– The Foundations of Stone player card reviews!!!

– Sign off

5 thoughts on “E29 – Andrew Stabbed With Morgul Blade

  1. You were talking about the new hero in the next adventure pack. Personally, I think that the only hero that should be in it is Gandalf. Who else could fight the Balrog? Don’t forget that the hero who was in the 6th Mirkwood cycle adventure pack was Boromir, so they have to get a hero at least as interesting as him.

    • Ya know, I hadn’t even thought about Gandalf making an appearance as a hero. How fitting, though! One small note, though – Boromir was the hero of Adventure Pack 5 (Dead Marshes), whereas my homeboy Dain Ironfoot made his debut in AP 6 (Return to Mirkwood).

  2. I’m completely with you on Secrecy: it doesnt work in this current state and FFG has to introduce some bigger benefits in order to make it worthwhile. Heroes with a tied in secrecy ability would be a way, for example:
    Elrond: Noble, Noldor, Lore Sphere
    Threat: 8, Stats: 2/2/1/3, Ability: Response: When you play a card with the secrecy key word from your hand you may shuffle a non-unique enemy without victory points who is in the staging area back into the encounter deck. Use this ability only once per turn.

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