E30 – The Pearl of Middle-Earth

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Episode 30

– Welcome

– News
– Decks in the Dwarrowdelf, Part One http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3392

– Decks in the Dwarrowdelf, Part Two


– Discussion: Power Creep and Gen Con

– The Foundations of Stone encounter set reviewed

– Sign off

4 thoughts on “E30 – The Pearl of Middle-Earth

  1. Hey guys, great episode as ever. Just my closing remark to power creep: I don’t think the game became too easy (the new quests are getting harder as you already noticed) but the power creep cards are not smart cards, they are plain no brainers. Glorfindel 2.0/Asfaloth/Light of Valinor is not a combo, its obvious in-your-face cards that are handed to you on a silver plate. Additionally I really dislike the approach of attachments that need/should go on specific heroes (see Elrond and Aragorn). Do I still enjoy the game? Yes, but this game becomes more a beer & bretzel game to me and loses more and more its strategical deck building capacity. The power creep is going much faster than the card pool is evolving, examples are healing (lore) and threat reduction (spirit). Buying new packs but not use the new player cards? That’s a bit masochistic isnt it? I want the full game experience and its the task of FFG to provide this in a satisfactory fashion. If I feel this is not the case anymore the most sensible thing I can do is stop buying the product. I havent dropped out yet because the new quests are still challenging but on the side of player card design I’m not so convinced…

    I just listened to your Star Wars podcast ep 28 and you should check out these “Plinkett” Star Wars movie reviews, they are very smart and very funny but oddly 90 (!) minutes long each but maybe you have enough time on your hands (Hello Mitch!)


      • Cheers for sharing, I’m already following the discussion there. I’m one of the last people on earth who don’t want a facebook account but I’m lurking your FB page…

  2. The redlettermedia reviews of the Star Wars prequels are about as awesome as awesome can be.

    Interestingly, I agree with some of your points, Shelfwear. While I enjoy combos (like KET with…EVERYTHING!), don’t want them to necessarily be as obvious as some of them have been of late. That being said, we’ve seen that since the core set. Celebrian’s Stone is great, but putting it on Aragron was having a Song before there were a Songs. That combo inspired my first dual sphere deck, and it was so obvious any player could see it.

    With respect to the new cards, I try to use all of the new cards when I get them, though. I want to make sure that every card, regardless of utility sees some play. Even Durian’s Belt got played…once.

    One of the reasons I enjoy this podcast is you can count on them to try out the new cards and give an honest opinion on their quality and any combos with the cards. It’s like they have the time I don’t have and I get to benefit from their experience.

    My love for the game (and obsessive complusive personality) will not let me drop the game until FFG is done with it.

    As far as power creep goes, I’m not sure I see it that way. I played Star Wars miniatures from the happy beginning until the bitter end (thank you, WotC!). And power creep is just a part of any game. As new pieces, cards, abilities,…whatever emerge, challenges get more and more difficult, but likewise you get stronger and stronger. I’m sure now I could blow through the Core Set adventures quickly, but they’re still fun. And, dangit, I still had trouble with The Long Dark and Foudations of Stone, both have kicked my butt several times, and as hate Massing at Osgilith as much as I love it (still one of the top 3 AP’s in my opinion.)

    Anyway, games evolve and grow. What seemed hard a year ago will be easier today. Just like once upon a time none of us could walk. The game has to grow or it’ll die.

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