E48 – Bombadil = Witch King

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Episode 48

– Welcome and Intros

– News

– Content:

– FAQ Discussion

– Amon Din encounter review

– Gen Con event details, see you in INDY!

– Sign off

10 thoughts on “E48 – Bombadil = Witch King

  1. I thought I give this podcast a chance because I really like your youtube videos, but turned off again after 30 mins, because there was way too much off-topic talk for my taste. After all, I was interested in hearing about lotr lcg. I could bear with some remotely related off-topic talk of course, but this was just too much for my personal taste.

    A focused, concise, purely lotr lcg related easy-to-listen-to 40 mins podcast would be realy nice to have though.

  2. Hey, I haven’t listened to the podcast in a pretty long time. It’s nice to see that you apparently gave up on trying to stay on topic at all nowadays.
    Yeah I’m just kidding. It really is a nice podcast though.
    Do you people play Android Netrunner by the way?

  3. Hi, I love your podcasts. With out-topics it is good to listen. There are still lots of discussion about cards and quests. And topics like snow-job or burning villages in the last quest just make me laught. I am also fan of BSG, so I liked to hear opinions on final episodes.

    p.s. Sorry for my english

  4. I listened to the podcast while doing some other stuff like washing up etc. like allways. Unfortunately in the last episodes off-topic-talk got very annoying and bored me. In many cases foreighn listeners cant follow you when u talk about those things. In the meantime I listen to older episodes again and hope, it will maybe change again.

  5. Just found you guys, started listening from Episode 1 and just reached episode 10, a real intresting trip through time to hear first impressons on cards that are now staples in my decks. Hope the next 38 episodes are as good at the first 10.

  6. Wait… Where did you guys get the info on A Good Harvest??? All it says in the FAQ is that you can’t play ZERO cost cards from your hand with A Good Harvest… You can still play other sphere cards as long as its cost is more than zero.

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