E49 – They’re Taking Gen Con to Isengard!

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Episode 49

– Welcome and farewell to Mitch! : (

– News

– Content:

– Gen Con News

– Assault on Osgiliath player cards review

– Gen Con details and stories

– Sign off

14 thoughts on “E49 – They’re Taking Gen Con to Isengard!

  1. Hi guys, long time listener first time poster. Just wanted to say that the main reason I listen to this podcast is for the off-topic banter so it is great to hear that it will continue. I think it’s the personality of the show! As Brian mentioned there are so many other resources out there to get hardcore strategies from so it is good that I can look forward to a relaxed and enjoyable podcast every two weeks about one of my favorite games. So keep up the great work guys and thank you, for getting me through my long drives to work, they wouldn’t be the same without you guys or your off-topic banter.

    P.S I miss Mitch already ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. I am glad you guys are still doing this and hope you keep it up. Are 1 of you going to continue the progression series with Mathew? Also cya Mitch, the 10 Nazgul will be missed.

    • Thanks Morbid! We’re in for the long haul!

      As of now, the Progression Series is on hiatus, but we know how tremendous a success it was, and there is always talk of getting it up and running again.

  3. Great podcast, guys. I think it would be terribly boring if you guys never strayed off topic. Those are usually the funniest parts of the program! I’ve worked my way through almost all of the Progression Series. Quite an accomplishment by Mitch and Matthew. I haven’t been a long time listener (started listening and watching the series shortly before GenCon) but look forward to more in the future. One of my highlights was getting the last ticket for The Stone of Erech event on Friday at GenCon and actually defeating it. I plan on attending GenCon next year if at all possible so maybe see you there!

  4. I found this podcast after watching the progression series videos on boardgamegeek. Both the videos and the podcast are great, but I doubt I would have found my way here without the progression series videos.

    So, I just want to repeat what you all already know; the progression series is the best way to recruit new listeners.

    • The PS was very heavily advertised on BGG, and we haven’t made the same effort for the podcast itself. We’ll be at somewhat of a disadvantage with no PS no longer being produced (at least for the foreseeable future), that’s for sure.

      But, we managed to get fans to find us before, and I’m sure we can do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. it’s always sad to hear when people are leaving a show. Especially if they’ve been a part of it for so long.
    Did Andrew quit the show, too? I haven’t listened to the podcast in a long time and he doesn’t seem to appear in the newest episodes?

    • Definitely sad, but this is life! There have been times I considered moving on as well, but you guys have just made it so fun I can’t quit. I can’t quite you.

      Andrew hasn’t officially quit or anything like that, but he’s a busy man with (I think) two little kids now. His life has simply become a bit too demanding to make time for our lengthy recording sessions.

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  7. Hi guys! Sorry to see Mitch go. This episode is extra special for me because August of 2013 was when I first discovered this game. Problem was, my gamer friends weren’t into it. I tried reading blogs like Beorn and TFTC but as good as those are I just couldn’t get myself excited to play even though when I did work up the energy to play I really enjoyed it. I discovered your podcast 6 months ago just hearing you guys talk about it was enough to make me want to play again. I realize now that what kept me from really playing the game wasn’t lack of strategy talk or deckbuilding advice (that’s what the blogs are for), I just needed to hear a conversation about the game itself. That’s exactly what Cardboard of the Rings is–just like my Armada group loves to spend half of our league nights speculating about how we’ll integrate upcoming releases into our fleet, I needed to hear people talk about this game.

    So now I’ve been buying and playing all of the expansions as I go through your podcasts. I have no intention of stopping now and the only thing that might hold me back is that it looks like the upcoming Isengard cycle is out of stock…

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