E56 – I Love Secrecy

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Episode 56

– Introductions

— Etienne and Sean are here to Stay!
– News:


– Discussion:
— Quest rankings for the discerning buyer!
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– Sign off

One thought on “E56 – I Love Secrecy

  1. The second hero will be “Gandalf”. Starting Threat: 12 Willpower: 4 Attack: 0 Defense: 4 Hit Points: 4. He will be a Fellowship Sphere Hero. He can thus be used to pay for Fellowship Sphere cards and Neutral cards. Traits: “Istari. Grey Wizard.” Response: “After Gandalf is destroyed, destroy target enemy with the text “immune to player card effects”. Exhaust all heroes.” This side effect, no pun intended, I think not only balances out the potency of his response but also serves as a thematic effect in the game. Gandalf has his last hurrah, sacrificing himself to further the quest to Mount Doom, and all of the heroes are so devastated that they linger in udder horror of their fallen Wizard.

    Also, I believe they are going to have all of the player cards be geared towards the use of this new Gandalf the Grey Hero. Most of these cards will have the “Spell” trait. All of these “Spell cards” will be neutral cards and can only be played if an Istari is in play. Although most of these “Spells” will be Event cards, some will actually be Attachments. Some of these “Spell” Attachments include: Light (works like Burning Brand except you attach it to a Weapon or an Item Attachment, not the Hero it’s self. You will have to choose which card effect to use, when you exhaust them both simultaneously.), Set Ablaze (After an Istari character damages an enemy, attach this card onto that enemy. That enemy takes 1 damage every round, during the Planning Phase.), or Dominate Presence (Lower each players threat by 1. (limit once per round.). Some of the Event cards will be Message the Eagles (look at the top 10 cards of your deck for any number of Eagle Cards. All Ally Eagles enter play at no cost and Eagle Events and Attachments are put into your hand. Discard all other cards.), or You Shall Not Pass! (Destroy 1 enemy with any of the following Traits: “Balrog. Flame. Shadow.”). Glamdring can be placed on Gandalf the Grey (to boost his 0 Attack strength to 2), another Attachment will also give him a +2 Attack: “Wizard’s Staff”.

    Given the fact that Gandalf will be a Fellowship Sphere Hero, it is most unlikely that he would be used outside of the Lord of the Rings saga expansion scenarios. If he is used outside of these scenarios, the player would only be able to pay for the included “Spell” cards and a handful of other neutral cards, with him.

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