E57 – The Package has Arrived

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Episode 57

– Introductions

RIGHT TO BUSINESS! Voice of Isengard player cards review!

Brandon has taken over Twitter!!

– Sign off

One thought on “E57 – The Package has Arrived

  1. SPOILER ALERT: Unique Ally: Sméagol. Cost: 0 Fellowship Resources ( zero because he wants the ring ASAP). Willpower: 0 Attack: 2 Defense: 3 Hit Points: 5 Traits: “Creature. Hobbit. Ring-bearer.” Doomed: 1 Limit 1 per deck. Response: “If you are the first player, and all of the heroes you control are exhausted, attach The One Ring to Sméagol and add this ally to the staging area. When this ally is destroyed, attach The One Ring onto a Ring-bearer in play exhausted. Add Sméagol to the victory display.” Victory: 3

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