Episode 79 – Dat Horse Chair

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– Introductions

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– News

– The CotR Special Community Round up!

Cardboard of the Rings (cardboardoftherings.com)
  • News, card reviews, general good timery
  • is the awesome
   The Grey Company (greycompanypodcast.com)
  • in depth strategic discussions
  • lately reviews, etc.
   WWPD Fellowship podcast (outpostzero.net)
  • new player focus
  • possibly on hiatus


Tales from the Cards (talesfromthecards.wordpress.com)
  • indepth card analysis,
  • deck spotlights,
  • session reports,
  • new player buyer’s guide,
  • 1st Age fan expansions

Hall of Beorn (hallofbeorn.wordpress.com)

  • strategy articles,
  • deck spotlights,
  • Beorn’s Path new player guide,
  • Community Links

Master of Lore (masteroflore.wordpress.com)

  • Articles of lore tie-ins
  • Thematic Playthroughs

WWPD Outpost Zero (outpostzero.net)

  • Strategy Articles
  • Deck spotlights

Second Hand Took (secondhandtook.wordpress.com)

  • Hero Spotlights
  • Artist Interviews
  • Deck Spotlights
  • “Filling up the Corners” – spots on other games

Dor Cuarthol (dorcuarthol.wordpress.com)

  • Solo focused
  • Decklists
  • Strategy Articles
  • Play sessions
To the Eyrie (maybe dead, been 5ish months)
  • Play sessions
  • Deck lists

The Mirkwood Runner (http://mirkwoodrunner.blogspot.com)

  • News impressions
  • Sidetrack – spots on other games

Warden of Arnor (wardenofarnor.wordpress.com)

  • “The Line Unbroken” – Retrospective on the early game, progressing to present
  • News
  • Strategy articles
Susurros del Bosque Viejo (Espanol) (Whispers of the Old Forest) (susurrosdelbosqueviejo.blogspot.com/)
  • Spanish language blog
  • Is quite readable with Google Translate
  • Recently got a spoiler from the FFG licensee 9 (wut)
Die Männer von Gondor (Deutsch) (The Men of Gondor) (menofgondor.wordpress.com)
  • German blog
  • Again, Google translate is your friend


CotR Youtube (youtube.com/cotrpodcast)
  • Casual (see: fun or entertaining) playthroughs, recorded twitch games

CotR twitch (twitch.tv/cotrpodcast)

  • Live playthroughs, general awesomeness

Progression series/tenth nazgul (dead)

  • Concise playthroughs using limited cardpool for applicable quests

Grey Company Twitch (twitch.tv/thegreycompany)

  • Themey playthroughs, general plays

Glaurung Plays (youtube.com/olegyd)

  • Hardcore cardboard playthroughs
  • Makes no mistakes, ever


  Octgn, LotR Plug in (octgn.net-download, octgngames.com/lotrlcg)
  • Managed by our homeboi GeckoTH, is awesome
  • Disclaimer: ONLY USE IF YOU OWN! Pirates ruin it for everyone

Hall of Beorn card search (hallofbeorn.com/cards)

  • Run by the community’s favorite Ursine blogger
  • Comprehensive
  • Great filtering options
  • Includes card category (resource, card draw, etc.)
   CardgameDB (cardgamedb.com)
  • Card spoilers
  • Deck builder
  • Forums

BoardGameGeek  (boardgamegeek.com)

  • Forums
  • Images
  • Links/mods/user content
  • Video links

FFG (fantasyflightgames.com)

  • Forums
  • Quest log
  • Rules sheets, FAQs
  • Upcoming
   LotR Quest Companion (lotr-lcg-quest-companion.com)
  • Compiled rules and FAQ entries relevant to each quest
  • Random quest generator
  • Community difficulty ratings
  • Rules reference
  • Find games
  • Talk shop
   LotR subbreddit (reddit.com/r/lotrlcg/)
  • Self explanatory, moderators are doing a great job with it

— Treason of Saruman player card reviews!

— Hobbit 3 movie review!

– Sign off

6 thoughts on “Episode 79 – Dat Horse Chair

  1. Had a tough day at work, the joy of the day was managing to snap up a copy of the Treason of Saruman, came home to listen to your podcast and it made me laugh out loud as well as being insightful and thoroughly entertaining, you guys are a joy to behold. Lots of love, Mark from the UK. PS I’ve been reading Tolkien religiously for the last 35 years so I guess I’m a 9, there’s always something new to learn about the world he created so thank you for introducing it to so many new people. xxx PPS. I can’t wait to see you tackle The Lost Realm as I’m having real difficulty with it.

  2. We actually just had a card of the day post about Tactics Boromir the other day on reddit.com/r/lotrlcg! Reddit can be crazy and strange but the lotrlcg subreddit is really neat. There are few of us that are truly active there but its a great place to go and discuss all things LOTR LCG!

  3. Yes! The Hobbit trilogy compared to LOTR is EXACTLY the same as the 4th Indiana Jones movie is to the others.

    I was so sick of the stupid Thorin/Azog fight. I wanted more Eagles and Beorn!!!

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