Episode 9x – Chitty Games

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– Introductions – Welcome to Dave G and The Chad!

– Discussion:

  • We take a break from LotR and discuss ALLLLLLL of our other favourite games and gaming related activities!

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– Sign off

One thought on “Episode 9x – Chitty Games

  1. This was an awesome show. I especially enjoyed the sharing of Star Wars CCG. My friend, who has since passed away, and I were heavily into this game and would buy cases at wholesale prices. Two games in particular leave me with favorite memories. The first was when we were supposed to develop decks with only 3 rares; the rest being commons and uncommons. He calls me before we were to meet and says, “I can’t do it! I need more rares.” I told him to forget the special restriction and we would just play it out as usual. However, I came with a gimmick deck of nothing but commons and uncommons, well synergized to ensure control of planet locations while foregoing all planet sites. It worked great and I ended up beating an otherwise very powerful deck. He was not pleased when I retired that deck after that single game. The second was when I used the Dagoabah objective to begin the game. Half way through he looked confused and said that my play made no sense because I was not achieving the objective. I smiled and said what difference did it make because I was winning. He soon discovered he was defending against what turned out to be a distraction – I used the objective to make him think I was headed toward one strategy when I was actually pursuing another. Another one and done deck. But, man were those fun! Thanks for the memories guys!

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