CotR Deck Spotlight: Flame of the Support


There I was at the Thursday evening Siege of Annuminas FFG GenCon event, teamed up with three completely random players for the second “middle” stage of the quest. We just sort of picked whatever combination of decks would not cause hero conflicts. Fortunately, I saw this deck from across the table.

Credit must be given to Seastan’s The Deck you Want Your Friend to Play for inspiring this deck, but this is a clever update that I’m spotlighting for a very timely purpose:

Flame of the Support

By Osyluth

Flame of the Support

Hero (3)
Beregond (The Flame of the West)
Éowyn (The Flame of the West)
Haldir of Lórien (Trouble in Tharbad)

Ally (10)
2x Anfalas Herdsman (The Steward’s Fear)
3x Ethir Swordsman (The Steward’s Fear)
2x Master of the Forge (Shadow and Flame)
3x Warden of Healing (The Long Dark)

Attachment (19)
2x Ancient Mathom (A Journey to Rhosgobel)
1x Black Arrow (On the Doorstep)
2x Bow of the Galadhrim (The Nîn-in-Eilph)
3x Gondorian Shield (The Steward’s Fear)
2x Lembas (Trouble in Tharbad)
2x Raven-winged Helm (The Wastes of Eriador)
2x Rivendell Blade (Road to Rivendell)
2x Rivendell Bow (The Watcher in the Water)
3x Unexpected Courage (Core Set)

Event (21)
3x A Test of Will (Core Set)
3x Daeron’s Runes (Foundations of Stone)
2x Deep Knowledge (The Voice of Isengard)
3x Desperate Defense (The Flame of the West)
2x Feint (Core Set)
3x Foe-hammer (Over Hill and Under Hill)
2x Hasty Stroke (Core Set)
3x Sterner than Steel (The Flame of the West)

Player Side Quest (1)
1x Double Back (Escape from Mount Gram)


So often I just want to effectively use my new cards! Sure, I like the challenge of figuring out how to build a new deck with a new hero, but sometimes I just want a good deck to hit the table so I can see my new cardboard in action. This deck does just this. The new spirit and tactics events are in there as well as our new heroes. Heck, there’s probably even space to sneak in the new attachments is you would like.

Here’s why I love this hero combination:

  • Eowyn keeps your starting threat low to enable Haldir
  • Beregond is a great defender who reduces other player’s threat
  • Eowyn with the Rivendell Bow can smash an enemy from across the table

We absolutely dominated our portion of quest and we were in the fortunate situation to always decline Annuminas’s phase 2 bonuses and enable the other two player groups. Now, it was of course a team effort and the other three decks certainly pulled their weight, but this deck was clutch for us so many times.


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