CotR Deck Spotlight: Fellowship on the Dark Road



In these spotlight articles, we strive to cover as many deck and fellowship types as possible. One area we haven’t covered yet is saga play, so today we rectify that!

Join us today, as CotR shines a spotlight on…

Fellowship on the dark road

by Arkane


Hero (3)
Aragorn (The Watcher in the Water)
Gandalf (The Road Darkens)
Sam Gamgee (The Black Riders)

Ally (18)
2x Bill the Pony (The Black Riders)
2x Dori (Over Hill and Under Hill)
3x Elrond (The Road Darkens)
1x Faramir (Core Set)
3x Galadriel (The Road Darkens)
2x Gimli (The Treason of Saruman)
1x Haldir of Lórien (A Journey to Rhosgobel)
2x Ranger of Cardolan (The Wastes of Eriador)
2x Wandering Ent (Celebrimbor’s Secret)

Attachment (28)
2x A Burning Brand (Conflict at the Carrock)
2x Armored Destrier (Temple of the Deceived)
1x Celebrían’s Stone (Core Set)
1x Dúnedain Mark (The Hunt for Gollum)
2x Dúnedain Warning (Conflict at the Carrock)
2x Expert Treasure-hunter (On the Doorstep)
2x Fast Hitch (The Dead Marshes)
2x Fellowship of the Ring (The Road Darkens)
2x Gandalf’s Staff (The Road Darkens)
2x Narya (The Grey Havens)
2x Protector of Lórien (Core Set)
2x Steward of Gondor (Core Set)
1x Sword of Númenor (The Dread Realm)
3x Sword that was Broken (The Watcher in the Water)
2x Wizard Pipe (The Road Darkens)

Event (4)
2x Flame of Anor (The Road Darkens)
2x Frodo’s Intuition (The Black Riders)


If you’ve ever wanted to play The Road Darkens with a hero lineup from the Nine Walkers, then Fellowship on the dark road is for you.

It should come as no surprise that a deck built to take on Balrogs is very powerful. When you’re going up against saga quests, you need to have all of your bases covered, and that is certainly the case here. Resources? Check: its got Steward of Gondor. Card draw? Check: Expert Treasure-hunter plus Gandalf’s scrying will have you swimming in cards. Defense? Willpower? Combat? Check, check, and check: Load Aragorn up with Armored Destrier, Protector of Lorien, and A Burning Brand, and he turns into a beast of a defender. While already a high-willpower deck, once you get Sword that was Broken and Fellowship of the Ring into play, Gandalf is free to do whatever he wants; if that means laying the smack down with Flame of Anor, all the better.

It even has some healing, in the form of ally Elrond. The only thing this deck doesn’t handle is locations; though, as a deck built to tackle campaign mode in solo play, it doesn’t really need it. Still, it’s something to think about if you plan on building a companion deck.

Not interested in the saga quests? Not to worry, for Fellowship on the dark road is playable outside of campaign mode! In the description, Arkane covers the adjustments to make for pickup games. Its a nice touch, and one that improves the practicality of this deck.

So no matter what type of game you are playing, this deck can slot in just fine. It’s powerful, fun, and worth a second look.

– WanderingTook

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