CotR Deck Spotlight: Strider with 3 Heroes


Many among the community, myself included, have been lukewarm on 2-hero decks; mainly because the early-game action/resource hit are difficult to recover from. While cards like Strider alleviate these problems somewhat, you still have to draw them, and you still have to pay for them. As community member Sechen shows us, Strider can be a useful addition if you consider that 2-hero decks don’t necessarily have to start with 2-heroes.

Join us today, as CoTR shines a spotlight on…

Strider with 3 Heroes

by Sechen

Hero (3)
Éowyn (The Flame of the West)
Galdor of the Havens (The Grey Havens)
Théoden (The Morgul Vale)

Ally (12)
3x Bofur (Over Hill and Under Hill)
3x Grimbold (The Flame of the West)
3x Legolas (The Treason of Saruman)
3x Master of the Forge (Shadow and Flame)

Attachment (21)
2x Book of Eldacar (Encounter at Amon Dîn)
3x Dagger of Westernesse (The Black Riders)
3x Golden Shield (The Flame of the West)
3x Herugrim (The Treason of Saruman)
3x Snowmane (The Land of Shadow)
3x Song of Travel (The Hills of Emyn Muil)
3x Strider (The Drowned Ruins)
1x The Fall of Gil-Galad (The Dunland Trap)

Event (15)
3x Daeron’s Runes (Foundations of Stone)
3x Feint (Core Set)
3x Foe-hammer (Over Hill and Under Hill)
3x Hold Your Ground! (The Battle of Carn Dûm)
3x Sterner than Steel (The Flame of the West)

Player Side Quest (2)
1x Double Back (Escape from Mount Gram)
1x Gather Information (The Lost Realm)

Rather than starting off with a 2-hero deck, the strategy in here is to start with 3 heroes, and once you are set up, let Galdor take one for the team to fully activate Strider. It is a beautiful answer to the 2-hero problem. You get to collect 3 resources per round, until you decide to pull the trigger.

So why bother with Strider at all, considering that it is just replacing the action and willpower of poor chump Galdor?
The answer is simply that it is a different strategy, and one that is no worse than running 3-heroes. Because of the lack of allies in this deck, Strider supplies +2 willpower regardless of whether Galdor is still alive, and using Strider lets you mitigate the penalty for taking a fatal undefended attack. While that alone might warrant its inclusion, if you are planning for a hero to die, then cards like The Fall of Gil-Galad suddenly look more appealing.

Now onto the deck itself: It is a classic hero-centric deck, with loads of attachments. The goal is to get Eowyn and Theoden beefed up as soon as possible. With a bad starting hand, the deck may start slow, but once things get rolling, they really get rolling. The combination of tactics and lore bring a plethora of card draw effects: Daeron’s Runes, Legolas, Foe-hammer, and Master of the Forge will have you drawing through your deck in no time. Events like Feint, Hold Your Ground!, and Sterner than Steel are great fail-safe cards, and the allies Grimbold and Bofur are there to bolster your willpower. And hey, they even have some nice abilities, and versatility is a nice thing to have.

I feel like a new sandbox has opened up; and, like some other deck ideas that we’ve featured, that this is the tip of the iceberg. It’s an entertaining deck that is worth a second look, and I am excited to see where Strider goes from here.

– WanderingTook

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