E20 – Goblin Flavour

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Episode 20

– Welcome
– Artifact contest winner! Eric E for Sting
– New contest –> WATCH THIS! (Watcher in the Water)
– News
– FFG Articles
– Good times on Vassal
– Content
– Discussion: Mono, Dual, Triple
– Continuing review of KD Quests – 7th Level
– James’s Dwarf Challenge

– Sign off


10 thoughts on “E20 – Goblin Flavour

  1. Thanks for the entertaining episode, as always.

    I would like to comment my opinions on couple of subjects covered on this episode.

    Most of my LotR:LCG experience has been solo (although I have recently managed to put together a weekly multiplayer games),

    I initially tried Duo sphere, but that wasn’t to my tasting because even with song cards, I had limited access to the card abilities; I wanted to be able to deal with enemies and locations, but at the sametime I also wanted resource acceleration and healing and threat reductions.

    Eventually, I moved to tri-sphere deck that can provide more resource (Theodred or Gloin) and card draw (Bilbo or Beravor) right from the start. I still had somewhat weak turn 1, but from turn 2 and onwards I was able to play most of the cards that I needed to survive and beat the quest.

    As for DL of 3 for the 7th Level, I do agree that it is much tougher than that for solo or even 2 player game. However I did have chance to play couple of 3 player games recently, and it couldn’t believe how easy it was.

    We had a Dwarf/Eagle dominant combat deck, Rohan dominant quest deck, and Silvan/Noldor dominant utility deck that could either quest or combat depending on the situation. Between Thalin + Gondorian Sperman early in the game, and Burning Brand + Fast Hitch Bilbo in late game along with Mirkwood Runner, those Goblins didn’t get anywhere dreadful and Rohan just quested away.

    What was very interesting was that we actually had some difficulty with HfG or with Carrock with the same decks; which was very surprising because those 2 quests were relatively easy to beat while playing as solo.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that while it is true that official rank of DLs are some what inaccurate, but there would be no way to accurately measure DL of each and every scenario given how play style & number of players play large role in the difficulty factor.

    And lastly, I would love to play LotR LCG online with you guys!

    I normally play the game online using LackeyCCG and would be more than happy to walk you through if you are unfamiliar with the software (it does have lot of buttons, but 90% of those buttons aren’t really needed and once you figure out which functions you need to use it’s really simple).

    I am also more than willing to try and learn Vassal if that is what you prefer (as it is obviously Vassal is the normal method of playing LotR LCG online for you guys).

    Absolutely love the podcast, and FFG just released article promising Redhorn Gate sometime next week, so I will be expecting no shorter than 2 hrs for next episode!

  2. The deck saving got way easier and hand cards are now hidden to players in the latest Vassal module version if you haven’t catched that from the development blog comments on the last episode. 😉

  3. Great show guys, as usual. Cheers for episode 20: Woot – next stop Fiftyville!

    About secrecy: An unexpected and interesting concept, even though I wished they’d tried instead to increase the utility of mono-sphere decks (cards like Thicket of Spears). Anyway, the downside of secrecy is that it will take ages before we have enough secrecy cards and a secrecy deck becomes viable. FFG is splitting up the small card pool even more by secrecy, Dwarves, Eagles, Noldor, Sindar, solo and 3/4-player cads. I hope they won’t leave us with loose ends…

    After having played the Khazad-Dum quests a couple of times I have to admit: Flight from Moria is my least favorite. Feels too much like playing a slot machine, nice attempt to capture the feel of the situation but gets too mechanical. Quest 1 and 2 are much more enjoyable…

  4. Concerning your discussion on Mono, Dual or Triple-Sphere decks. I am 1 of those people that always plays with a group of 4 of us. We each will take a Mono-Sphere deck and use all available cards released up to that point(so yes are decks have about 70-80 cards in them). I think if you play with less than 4 people, you almost HAVE to Dual-Sphere just to be able to play with all those great cards that have been released so far. I am also hear to tell you that i think you will find the quests are just as hard even with 4 players, i mean drawing 4 cards for the set up stage and then drawing 4 more during the quest phase(not counting any surge abilities)can be horrific! Hope you have a chance during Gen-Con to do this(got permission from the wife to go, but work will not grant me the time off 😦 ).

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