E21 – Medulla Oblongoblin

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Episode 21

– Welcome
– Watcher in the Water Contest Continued!
– Facebook Update! 149 Likes!

– News
– Heroes in the Redhorn Gate Part Three
– Good times on Vassal
– Content
– What kind of player are you?
– Continuing review of KD Quests – Flight from Moria

– Sign off

15 thoughts on “E21 – Medulla Oblongoblin

  1. I agree that most of the archetypes FFG showed us weren’t too great. There’s a chance they could come together in a 4 player game, but I’m positive there could be better ways of doing it. I’m not really feeling Elrohir. Hes a defender sharing the same sphere as Dain and Gloin, who I would take over him any day if I need a blocker; and to top it off, if Elladan gets killed or doesn’t hit the table, he can’t even defend well. Kinda surprised nobody caught the Gloin/Thalin mix up (especially Mitch, he’s usually on the ball with these things).

    Another great episode guys. Hopefully this one will get more comments than the last one.

    • I share your lack of enthusiasm. The other guys seemed to really dig him, but I don’t enjoy the synergy of a card when it relies on ONE specific card. We’ll have to see where the game takes us to know if maybe you and I aren’t seeing the big picture yet (no wait necessary, we’re right, because we’re always right).

      • Oh come on he will be awesome …. if his brother is a hero, otherwise he still has a cool Reponse ability but you will need to buff his defence some other way. If I recall leadership has some Dunedain cards …

    • Believe me, I caught the error! ; ) I just didn’t have the heart to bring it up, since I figured everyone would assume what they were talking about anyways.

  2. To bring some discussion to this page. We need more playthroughs like in 16.5. I would really like to listen to it. And as the Redhorn Gate just got released why not take it as an opportunity to have a look at the new scenario.

    • We are actually in the process of learning how to coordinate this with all the hosts. I know Mitch and I are 100% on-board to give you guys some more .5 episodes. I can’t speak for Brandon and Andrew’s schedules, but I know Mitch and I are usually able to find decent chunks of time to play together.

  3. I’ve been playing Heading Up and Heading Down differently. First, make sure you read them carefully: Heading Up will shuffle Heading Down back into the quest deck and vice versa.

    If you get Heading Up and finish it, it would then remain in the victory display for (potentially) quite some time, until you have Heading Down as the active quest card. HU would then be reshuffled into the deck at the end of the quest phase.

    What isn’t clear to me is what would happen in this scenario:

    1) You get Heading Up and finish it. HU goes to the victory display.
    2) You later get Heading Down and finish it in the same turn as it is revealed.

    Then both cards are in the victory display at the same time. I assume cards there are “out of play”, but would they activate their Forced effects from there? If so I guess both cards would be shuffled back in together at the end of the quest phase.

    • You are correct that Heading X still needs to be the active Quest at the end of the Quest phase to shuffle Heading Y back into the Quest Deck from the Victory point area. If you complete them both then they both sit in the Victory point area.

  4. Given they have 5 and 7 Quest points unless you are playing a relatively willpower heavy deck or have Protector or Arwen then it is likely more often than not that one will shuffle the other back in if it makes it to the Victory area. personally I usally let them sit and bypass them at the end of combat.

    As pointed out in the podcast this quest is another one where you really want to micro manage your willpower to ensure you do not get too much in the Victory point area. Of course if you are running a plated dwarf deck this is not so much an issue.

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