E23 – Gorn Hole

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Episode 23

– Welcome
– The Gifts of the Galadrium contest continues, GET YOUR ENTRIES IN!

– News
– FFG Articles
– Jared H – Master of Secrecy

– Grudge match: Keen-Eyed Took (KET) vs. Wandering Took (with managers)

– Redhorn Encounter Highlights

– Road to Rivendell Player Cards

– Sign off

18 thoughts on “E23 – Gorn Hole

    • It was an on-the-spot reference for a character who receives no name via the actual film dialogue, and I got the general theme right! Where’s the love, John?? THE LOVE!!!

      • You are 100% right about Rider of the Mark; per p. 23 of the rule book, responses can be triggered by their “controller” (which will clearly be the player receiving RotM when the time comes to activate its ability, since the response happens AFTER control of the Rider changes). The other cast members owe you a beer! Happy?

  1. I know this is very circumstantial but…
    Just to comment on “The End Comes”… there was actually a time where I really wish I could have benefited from it… in the Redhorn Gate I found myself usually shuffling several Snowstorm cards into very small Encounter Deck… The End Comes would’ve been very useful to dilute those nasty Snowstorms and possibly prevent the Snowstorms from coming out at all.
    I think as these quests become more and more creative the possibility for The End Comes becomes better… but it isn’t a must have in my deck… just wanted to pose that situation since you guys didn’t mention it.

    • Circumstantial perhaps, but your example comes from one of our latest scenarios, so I think your idea that we may see more and more quests coming at us with issues like this is a very solid thought. And this is exactly what we’re looking for: any indication that this card has a solid use that we just aren’t seeing.

  2. I really didn’t like the amount of coverage that Gothmog received in the movies – it just took away the attention from the Witch King who was brillianty portrayed and received ridicously little screen time during the siege of Minas Tirith. The casual viewer might think that Gothmog the Pink commanded the siege and not the Witch King 😦

    • This is a change I’m actually okay with. I liked the idea that the Witch King, and the other Nazgul, were sort of just this “special ops” team that were swooping in and doing random crap while the orc-led orc army actually was the primary fighting force. I think part of the brilliance in how the Witch King was portrayed was his minimal role in many aspects of the plot.

      There is a moment (might only be the extended version) where they establish the hierarchy, however. The Witch King tells Gothmog to move into the city and burn everything. It’s very obvious that he’s in charge during that moment, albeit a very brief moment.

    • Actually I do believe Gothmog did most of the commanding.

      Witch King is definitely above Gothmog in chain of command, and does give him direct orders and such, but most of the small actual plans are carried out by Gothmog.

      I remember reading that after Eowyn slew Witch King, the battle got tougher because Gothmog (who is described as second in command) unleashed all the reserve orc armies they had.

      But I do agree that I wanted a little more screen time for Witch King.. although I suspect that could have somewhat ruined his authority and mysteriousness.

      • you hadn’t seen the Gorn b4? omg.. you fail at being a nerd. I feel bad for you.. next why don’t you watch Star Wars: A New Hope (get the de-spesilised edition), then listen to the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy radio show… do this for a while then come back and we can organise another dose of awesome for you to get yourself caught up to your fan base.

    • I’m the one who brought up the Gorn. I’ve watched this episode numerous times; it’s my favorite from the original series. And I feel quite secure in my place as a nerd; I’ve earned it.

      I had never seen, however, this version with the ridiculous special effects.

  3. So, I was trying to skip around to listen to the parts of the episode where you go over player cards. Is there any way for future episode descriptions to break down a basic time line?

  4. In the future, could you guys include a general time stamp of when certain subjects in the description are discussed?

  5. “The End Comes” would be a good card in a deck based around Denethor when you get back to the bottom where all the bad cards went.

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