E62 – A Huge Load of Trap

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Episode 62

– Introductions

– News – of which there was little!

– Dunland Trap player card reviews

– Getting new players into the game.

– Sign off

6 thoughts on “E62 – A Huge Load of Trap

  1. Blue Mountain Trader seems lame at first, but if you think about it, you can just continue to trade back and forth until all of your resources are exactly where you want them to be (great for 3-sphere decks).

  2. Regarding “getting new players involved” – I wanted to get my wife to play with me, but she has no interest in the LOTR characters and flavor. My solution to get her interested was to make a bunch of custom cards with the same traits and stats as good heros and allies, but I named the cards her name and the names of her friends and put their photos on the cards. I then printed them off and we played a game, and she had a blast. Her heroes are Marie, Christina, and Oreo the Dog – which were identical to the core set leadership hero stats and abilities.

  3. You had time to build up your forces on stage 3? I believe you’ve forgotten about the forced effect on Chief Turch: After an enemy engages a player, remove 1 time counter from the current quest.

    In a 4-player game, this equates to 10 rounds MINIMUM since Chief Turch engages the first player every round. With the amount of reveal-and-engage treachery cards in the encounter deck, you’ll end up with only a couple of rounds to build up your forces. In my play-thoughs, I barely had enough chump-blockers to make it through the final stage.

  4. Whoops, I did worse than you Joe; I posted to the wrong podcast! Sorry, that was meant for the Grey Company podcast…

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