E63 – In Da Club

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Episode 63

– Introductions

– News -not much again!

– Dunland Trap quest review AND STRATEGY!

– Most underrated cards by us AND the community!

– Sign off

3 thoughts on “E63 – In Da Club

  1. The key word with the ruling about the Travel effect is the word “to”. In practically any game where a card says “do X to do Y”, You must do X BEFORE doing Y. X must be done in order to do Y.

  2. Eleanor is my most underrated card. Can’t count how many times a terrible treachery has come off and someone (playing with or watching video) says “who has a cancel?” especially at the beginning with the reveal and add to start the game.

    And wouldn’t White Tower Watchman help with Beorn if your running mono. Just take undefended if Beorn is getting close to death and no Landroval.

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