E70 – Look at the Rope

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Episode 70

– Introductions

– News

– Live Council of Elrond!

– Road Darkens Quest 3 Review

– Celebrimbor’s Secret player card reviews

– Discussion: What order should you buy APs in?

– Discussion – Which sphere is the “questing” sphere?

– Check out these great podcasts: The WWPD Fellowship podcast (http://www.outpostzero.net/2014/10/the-wwpd-fellowship-podcast-episode-1.html) and First Planet Podcast (https://www.facebook.com/FirstPlanetPodcast)

– Congrats to Julian F the winner of the Tauriel custom card contest! Ringbearer contest to be announced on episode 71!

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3 thoughts on “E70 – Look at the Rope

  1. Interesting episode.

    I’m agree with you about Galadriel, she’s a game changer , really .
    The next release sylvan will have a special attention.
    The threat reduce power is for me the best of her, it’s like canceling the one we get at the end of the turn .

    Finally the tactic guard, I test this guy , and he can really helpful ,with the 3 spearman in a Gondor deck based on attacking and intentionally engagement.

    Thanks for all your sharing , I really like your job guys .


  2. Elrond = Vilya
    Gandalf = Narya (has been given to him by Cirdan)
    Galadriel = Nenya

    Gained is not moved and moved is not gained. There is indeed a difference between moving resources and gaining.

    Henneth Annûn Guard is great indeed Sean! Great stats, GREAT ability! Giving someone sentinel can really save the day and the +2 def boost is nice too! He shouldn’t have Warrior, but Ranger instead. Guarding the Ithilien Rangers hideout and not having the Ranger trait….

    Charge of the Rohirrim is awesome! Like if you’re playing Eomer and you give him Firefoot and a character leaves play, he attacks for 8. Play this and it’s ELEVEN!

    Wandering Ent. Awwesommeeee.

    Mirror…. Meehh..

    Cloak of Lorien! Great! Defense boosts are great.

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