E71 – Bike Spokes

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Episode 71

– Introductions – Welcome Ted!

– Ring Bearer Contest

– Discussion – Is there such a thing as a bad card?

– Sign off

7 thoughts on “E71 – Bike Spokes

  1. Stand Together actually could work well in my Silvan decks. I often have a hard time letting my characters chump block because I want to be able to use the events on them, and the defense is pretty low in the deck, and I often have several allies, so if I can use a few of them, then I can avoid losing characters.

  2. Stand Together:
    Beorn and Defender of Rammas block together for 5 defense, so if you’re blocking an enemy of 5+ attacker, DoR doesn’t die and Beorn doesn’t take 4+ damage. I think Beorn is probably a GREAT character to use this with. There are two ways of looking at it:
    – He essentially just soaks any damage the allies would take from blocking on their own so they live to see another day.
    – He uses allies to provide him with bonus defense.

  3. Please don’t tell me Ravens of the Mountains is a bad card. It is a card I pretty often think of whether it would benefit my deck or not. At the moment it is in my mono-lore support deck. A deck that works best in 3p and plays the 3 lowest cost heroes: Pippin – Mirlonde – Bifur.

    Cards it combo’s nice with:
    Needful to Know
    Expecting Mischief

    The card is comparible to:
    Needful to Know
    Henamarth Riversong

    Bit gives you 2 advantages: it scries and might even make progress through a location or quest/card. It runs perfect in a heavy scry deck. A shuffle deck might also serve your cause sometimes.

  4. The way I look at it: I wouldn´t play power of the earth if it was free. Those kind of cards can´t be rated 3 on a 3 to 5-scale. It would take some absurd support and synergy to make this work in any kind of deck.

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