E72 – Higher

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Episode 72

– Introductions

– Player Card Review – Antlered Crown

– Discussion – Farewell 2014! Best of the year “awards”!

– See you in 2015 everyone!!!

– Sign off

5 thoughts on “E72 – Higher

  1. When talking about Shadows Give Way, you totally forgot that it combos amazingly with Silver Lamp. So if you’re playing mono-Spirit and Glorfindel, you can just see the shadow cards dealt, and decide if it’s worth it to play the event,

    • Yes, but Silver Lamp will only show the shadow cards on characters engaged with you and if you’re playing mono-spirit (especially with Glorfindel) then you’re going to engage a minority of enemies, so Silver Lamp gives minimal information, though it can still expose a “lethal” shadow.

  2. I think you guys missed the best application for Don’t Be Hasty: overquesting. If you overquest, causing you to go to the next stage before you’re ready, you can take someone away from the quest to ensure that you don’t move on.

    Also, related, If you want to be sure you have enough willpower committed, but it requires you to quest with a combat character, you can use this to pull the combat character back from questing after you know for sure that you don’t need his willpower or find out that you revealed a big bad evil character that you’ll need that hero to help with, regardless of the willpower committed.

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