E73 – My Neighbor Randalf My Neighbor Randalf

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Episode 73

– Introductions – Happy New Year!!

– Looking back at some holiday gaming and Twitch.tv

– Discussion – What lies ahead….

– Join us on Episode 74 with special guest lead designer Caleb Grace!!

– Sign off

4 thoughts on “E73 – My Neighbor Randalf My Neighbor Randalf

  1. I think the game does a terrible job at differentiating itself from the movies! Just look at the back side of an encounter card, that’s THE MOVIE eye, no more, no less.

  2. Isildur didn’t actually climb to Mount Doom and stood before the fire… Elrond later told him to destroy it but he didn’t actually take him to Mount Doom.

  3. I think this would be a great way to handle a Gandalf the white card:

    Gandalf the White, Hero, same card text as the normal Gandalf card. 0 threat. Will: 4, Attack: 5, Defense: 4, HP: 6

    You must play the regular Gandalf hero first, and set GtW aside out of play. At the end of any round in which Gandalf is killed, remove him from the game and put Gandalf the White into play exhausted.

  4. As for why didn’t Elrond kill Isildur… As far as I recall, in the book it doesn’t state that they were inside Mount Doom. Elrond told the council in Rivendell that they talked near the body of his dead father, not inside Mount Doom. There probably would have been many of Isildur’s guards around. If the elves had killed Isildur, the men and elves would have been at war. And as someone in the council said, the strength of Elrond is wisdom, not arms. He was also just a herald or something back then I think (can’t remember exactly). Also, if they killed Isidulr, then one of them would have to carry the ring up the mountain slopes and probably would have been corrupted themselves before they made it to the top.

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